Refund Policy

If you are ordering any of our services, you have complete right to know about the refund policies we offer.

Each sales page (the page that you will order the service from) of individual services has its own refund policy. However, this page will give you a quick overview of the refund policy for all our services.

Passive Journal U / The Academy – Our course (available only in Bangla for Bangladesh audience): We don’t offer any refund for this course once purchased. This is a digital product that you receive within 48-72 hours of ordering.

Also, if you use a Fake profile to watch the course, if you use a 2nd profile or a Facebook profile that is not your main profile to watch the course, you will be banned. 

If you use more than one Ids to join our discord support, you might get banned. 

Content Service: We offer unlimited revisions to our content orders. If you are not happy with the result, please ask for another revision. We only refund to content orders if we can’t fulfill the order request or in unavoidable circumstances.

SEO & Other Marketing Service: Due to the nature of these services, refund policies are dynamic and mentioned in each of the sales pages. Please go through those carefully before you order. For our SEO service, we only offer a partial refund if we can’t improve any of your keyword’s position within 3 months of us starting the work. 

Any questions regarding our refund policy can be directed at

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