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featured snippets in google search

How To Get Yourself In Google Featured Snippet {How To Rank In Position 0}

Google Featured Snippets are commonly known as Position 0 properties on SERP if you come from a SEO background. If you are not from the amazingly beautiful (is it though) world of SEO, you might know it as Google’s Featured Snippet. Google also officially calls it as Featured Snippet...

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how to design a website

How to Design A Site Being a Noob: Authority Journey Episode 5

If you have followed the authority site journey till now, you know that we chose a topic, we bought our domain and hosting & we went live with our website before. It is time to design the website. I will confess. I hate designing websites and I am not...

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building an authority website

Going Live With Our Site: Authority Journey Episode 4

That time has come. We are now live. I literally just installed WordPress on that site and started writing this blog post. The next task would be designing our site. How much did we spend so far on our site? Not much, I believe. I bought a domain for...

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Authority Journey Episode 3: Who’s The Best Hosting Provider In 2018?

We bought a domain in episode 2, remember? Today is episode 3 and we will be buying our hosting. It is 2018 now so happy new year to all of you. 2018 is going to be awesome. My new year’s resolution for this year is to work like a...

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Buying a Domain in 2018

Authority Journey Episode 2: Buying a Domain in 2018

I am assuming you already read the first announcement and episode 1. I will not be boring you with the same statements over and over again. Instead of that, let’s get  into today’s topic. Today is December 27th btw and it is post-christmas here in Bangladesh. Christmas is not...

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building an authority website episode 1

Authority Journey Episode 1: Selecting Our Topic Of Site

In case if you don’t know what this is all about, I started a journey of creating an authority website a while back. You can find the announcement and first episode here. The idea is fairly simple. I am creating a website that will make money online and I...

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How to Create a Website To Make Money Online

Creating An Authority Website To Make Money: Episode 0

I am assuming you don’t know me. That’s alright (hurts a bit though). I have actually ran case studies like these before on some of my other blogs. They were transparent and so will this one be. The idea is very simple. I want to create an authority website...

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khalidfarhan journey

My Journey: From Where I Came to 2017

Hey There! I am glad you have managed time to read a post of mine. This is the first article that I am writing for So I thought, what better way would it be to start the site than talking about my journey so far as an Internet...

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