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The $20k Challenge – a Detailed Plan of Action (Update 1)

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Alright, so you have heard me announcing the mighty $20k challenge (the announcement post is here) and now I am back with a more detailed update on how things are going to pan out for the next 12 months.

As I mentioned in the announcement post, I actually am already into this and I now have a few sites in the inventory. Yes, I am spending a ton of money on buying sites- which I wouldn’t recommend to most beginners. Then again, you don’t actually need to build 60 sites either.

There’s a reason why I am building 60 sites (not 1 or 70) which I will disclose once the sites are all ready and live.

Detailed Action Plan

Over next two months (within December, 2019), I should have my 60 domains ready so that I can start producing content for all these sites. That’s the goal.

Hi, I'm​ Khalid...

I travel the world and try to live a digital nomad life. Want premium goodies from me? For free?

The good news is that I already have some sites up and running. I am not sure what’s the best way to reveal everything without showing the URLs, 60 Analytics screenshot will be boring, so I wouldn’t do that.

I will basically be giving a brief overview of what’s happening in the portfolio, quick wins, losses, investments and the money that the portfolio is generating now.

Is it a good idea to build 60 websites?

The answer is No. Especially, if you are a beginner. Even most experts stick within 1-5 websites and make the same $20k or even more from that small portfolio of websites.

Why am I going for 60 then?

As I said, I have some bigger plans with the 60 sites and I think, i would enjoy things more if I have a diverse portfolio of websites. That’s the primary reason.

To keep things simple, I have decided to build sites in 4 broad niches. They are:

  • Outdoor
  • Home
  • Hobby
  • Baby & Mom

Everything that I build/buy will have to fall in one of these niches/topics.

Portfolio Look – November, 2019

At this moment, my portfolio has 5 websites. I bought all of them. 4 of the sites can make money with affiliate commissions and ads, the 5th one is solely focused on Google Adsense at this moment.

Cost & Income breakdown

  • Site 1: Generic review type website (covers everything), cost: $7000 USD
  • Site 2: a Gaming review website, cost: $1800
  • Site 3: another Sports website, cost: 200 (I am building it myself)
  • Site 4: A site in a hobby niche (monetized with Ads), cost: $4000
  • Site 5: a Beauty website, cost: $500

I have bought 4 websites so far, for the portfolio and I have plans to buy 10-20 more if I see good opportunities. I have spent roughly about $13,000 in last 2 months, to buy these assets. Most of them are not making great money. The 1st site actually made $300+ this month and the 4th site made $100 with Adsense. I don’t want to give income reports at this stage as that will make things more complicated.

For the rest of this $20k challenge, I will be referring these sites as site 1, site 2, etc. and I will keep the serial same. That’s the least I can do in this complex process.

I have also spent roughly $900 to buy expired domains for 3 sites that I will be building in Nov-Dec, 2019. They are in the toy, sports and gaming niches.

I also ordered approximately 50,000 words from Passive Journal for Site 3, which costed me roughly around $1150.

To summarize: 

  • Cost so far (Till November, 1st week):  $15,550 USD
  • Income so far (till November, 1st week): $462 (including affiliate & ad income)
  • Live sites on Portfolio: 5

Net Loss so far: $15,000 USD (approx)

Amazon Associate Program:

Adsense (took this screenshot in November, the balance is of October)

Plan for the Month

My plan for the month now is to build 3 sites on those domains I bought. That will take us to 8 sites. I am also actively looking at all marketplaces to buy more sites and if I can get two good deals, I will be reaching 10 sites (which will be awesome).

Other than building those 3 sites on expired domains (listen to my discussion about expired domains with Matthew Woodward here), I also intend to build 5 fresh sites on fresh domains.

Goals for November: 

  • Take the portfolio to 13 sites

That’s it. I want all 60 sites up before I actually start optimizing, adding content and do SEO on these. At this moment, all my focus is on making sure that all 60 sites are up and running.

In my announcement blog, many of you wrote in the comment that you would want to build a website with me. Did you start? Let me know in the comments. It is a race, but everyone’s tracks are individual.

PS: I launched a free Chrome Extension too last week that you can find here.



  1. my website is already live m writing content by myself.
    as i couldn’t able to buy ur course as its out of my league to afford. just going through with flow of your blogs and free instructions.

  2. Shohag Hossain Reply

    Excellent plan. I love it. But sometimes I’m afraid it’s a big risk

  3. Thanks for the updates. Actually, I appreciate the realistic, straight forward and inspiring messages you share. With your 20K challenge, I have decided to double my portfolio from 3 to six and income expectation from 1K to 2K by 2020(it will be 10% of your portfolio and income). However, I am going to earn from three and develop the other three by 2020. At present, I am monetizing one and developing other two. Will be happy if the 10% of your success falls on me.

  4. S.z.prince Reply

    Yaa bro, I’m starting too on my own…. I’m buying fresh domains in few days….. Initially 1 affiliate,1 lead generation & 1 will be with my brothers for self learning, sharing own thoughts….

  5. What About Hosting Plan?
    How many Website You want to host on the Same Hosting Package?
    All site will be focus on single niche?

  6. Gazi Atiqur Rahman Reply

    Yes; I have built my site, up to now I have uploaded above 50k content. Out of 50K, 35k I have bought from pju.
    But I am worried now & getting frustrated because from 18 September I did start uploading the content & each post made on-page SEO by following your video & I think it was perfect. Including 35K content from pju there have total 5 piler articles and 4 informative articles, unfortunately, nothing post of them are in the position of 100 in Google rank. Whereas I saw many group posts people are saying upon publish their articles come to a position in between 100 even 10 of Google search without doing any off-page SEO.

    So, what has happened on my site whereas my articles are also from pju.

  7. Julhas Alam Reply

    I am currently working on 4 sites.
    One is getting around 6000 traffic per month and most interestingly it has only around 30 articles and with only 20-30 genuine backlinks.. It is monetized both with adsense and Amazon affiliate..
    Another one is getting around 2k traffic with only around 15 posts.. and I built only 5 links for it..
    And third one is getting around 10k traffic but it’s not an Amazon affiliate site. But it has good number of links..
    And the fourth one is a general site with multiple niches but getting only around 100-200 traffic with 2 links only..
    That’s all for me now because I do not have too much budget right now.. But have a great plan for the next year as well…
    Oh I forgot to tell that I really love your videos and articles.. These ones are really informative.. Although I am in this SEO game since 2014 but your videos always provide me good tips and tricks..

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