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Side Hustles For Introverts - These Are The Best Side Hustles For an Introvert

Written by Khalid Farhan

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I am a big believer in side hustles. I think everyone should have one (minimum) and these days, with the help of the internet, it is easier than ever. 

If you are an introvert (Like I am), here are my top side hustle picks that you can choose from. 

Let’s begin. 


Top Side Hustles for Introverts 

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Becoming a Freelancer
  4. Print on Demand
  5. Dropshipping
  6. Arbitrage
  7. Investing


The first side hustle for introverts on our list is the tried and tested blogging route. I am sure you know this by now but in case not – newsflash – you can become a blogger and earn serious money.

There are different ways how a blog makes money, but the most common ones are display advertising & affiliate product links.

When you visit a website – you see ads and companies pay platforms like Google to curate and display these ads to different small blogs.

Google then shares a percentage of the revenue with the blog owner.

For example, considering my blog (this specific one you are reading) – gets 50,000 views/month – I can probably earn around $140-$200 just from ads.

Of course, it will also depend on what my industry is, who my audience is – and a few other factors – but blogging is by far my most favorite side hustle for introverts because it literally requires 0 interaction with other human beings.

I have built my first blog (it was a website about drones) and sold it for $4500 back in 2016. That was one of my first side hustles as an introvert and I never looked back. 

The steps of starting a blog is pretty easy. 

1. Find a topic that you are really interested about

2. Create a website and talk about that topic for 24 months

3. Start promoting your website using different marketing strategies (social media marketing, SEO etc.) 

4. People who are interested in that topic will slowly start finding your blog and visiting it. 

5. You show them ads on the sidebar, on the footer, and on top of your blog posts and you make money. 

This is the oldest + easiest method of making money using a blog. Every day, thousands of people are doing it and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. 

Affiliate Marketing

Yes, you can use a blog as well to be an affiliate marketer and it is a perfect side hustle for introverts. An affiliate marketer sends traffic (visitors) to a website and get a commission when the visitors buy something. 

For example, if you send someone to Amazon.com using your “affiliate link” and if that person buys something, you get paid 7% from Amazon. Amazon affiliate program is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate programs out there but it is definitely not the only one. 

Today, there are 100s of affiliate programs to choose from. 

How do you become an introverted affiliate marketer? 

Think about it for a sec. 

You will have to send people to a website to make money. 

You can send them from your blog, your podcast, your YouTube channel, your medium post, your social media, from wherever basically. 

My favorite method is sending them from my blog but I have tried YouTube as well and it works fantastic. 

For example, I have this video on how to create a website in under 30 minutes (ignore the language, it is in Bangla) 

There’s an affiliate link in the description of this video of a hosting company and that affiliate link makes me anywhere from $200-$700 USD/month. 


Because I send people to that hosting company from this video and when they buy something, the hosting company pays me. 

All popular companies have affiliate programs. 

Try them. 

Becoming a Freelancer

My third favorite side hustle as an introvert is becoming a freelancer. Again, I don’t talk about things that I don’t know so here’s a screenshot of my Upwork profile.  

Khalid Farhan - top rated freelancer on Upwork

As you can see, I have made over $70k as a freelancer on Upwork alone – and I don’t even work that much. 

Becoming a freelancer is pretty easy. 

1. Find a skill that you like

2. Learn it for 12 months and become one of the best at it

3. Go to places like Upwork.com and Fiverr.com and apply to jobs or create gigs

4. Do the jobs once you get ’em 

The only negative thing about freelancing is that a lot of clients will require calls / video calls so it might not be the best candidate for a “side hustle for introverts” – however, the interaction is minimal. 

Once you become a pro, you can always get rid of the clients that you don’t want to deal with – giving you more sanity in the process. 

Print on Demand

An industry that I have never tried personally but always heard good things about. 

The idea is simple. 

There are big companies who can print and ship your design – but they don’t want to invest in getting customers. 

You as a marketer find customers, create design and when there’s an order, they print and ship it for you. 

A few popular examples of Print on Demand companies are: 

If you don’t have good meta-marketing skills, I will recommend not getting into print on demand because you wouldn’t do well otherwise. Print on Demand (POD) needs a solid budget of around $500 USD and good knowledge of Meta Marketing. 


I am sure you heard about Dropshipping. 

Again, not my favorite when it comes to side hustles but it works and there’s 100s of people using Shopify and Dropshipping to make it big. 

The idea is rather simple. 

Step 1: Find a product that you think will sell well

Step 2: Find a supplier (generally a Chinese store like Alibaba)

Step 3: Design a store on Shopify 

Step 4: Marketing (TikTok ad is the way to go)  

Warning: Make sure you don’t end up buying random courses. Dropshipping can be really scammy as an industry so you need to be careful. 

Arbitrage Opportunity

I personally know some of my students who make roughly $4000 USD/month just by doing arbitrage. 

What is arbitrage? 

It is when you take advantage of a product that is priced cheaper in one place compared to another. 

For example, let’s imagine there’s a chair that’s priced $99 USD on Amazon but the same chair sells for $79 USD on Ebay. 

You simply download the photos of that chair and list it on Amazon for $95 USD and whenever someone orders, you buy one from Ebay and send it to their address. 

There are different versions of arbitrage. Some people do it with the Facebook marketplace and Walmart, some do it with eBay and Amazon, and some do it with more uncommon websites. It really depends on the type of product you are interested in. 


While I don’t think you will be crazy rich by investing $100 USD – I think it is one of the most passive forms of side hustles for introverts. 

S&P 500 or any vanguard ETF would be your safest bet and you can always go wild with crypto. 

Pro advice: Never chase crazy high-interest rates. You should aim for 7-10% annual returns. 



Hey, I am Khalid, a content creator & digital marketer who practices what he preaches. Over the last 6 years, I have built my own persona online with nearly 1m+ subscribers & followers on YouTube & social – along with 100s of happy clients for my agency. I blog about my journey here.