Search Engine Optimization

The only Course you will need to be successful online.

Our brand new, 82+ video based search engine optimization course teaches you everything there is to know about SEO & beyond. 

Who Is this course for?

The SEO course is designed for these people: 

You want to start freelancing and learn SEO as a skill to do it

You want to build and grow your own website using SEO

You want a remote, full time SEO job that pays $30,000-$70,000 USD/year

You want to start your own agency

Our SEO course covers everything you need to become a search engine optimization expert, with real knowledge, real case studies & almost 100 videos.

What is Inside The Course?

This course is divided into 5 Sections & 90+ videos. 


Keyword Research

Section 1 covers everything you need to know about SEO basics & Keyword research. 



A very important part of SEO is tracking. This section covers everything about how to track & what to track. 


Technical SEO

With 30+ videos, this section covers everything you need to know about site issues and how to fix them. 


On Page SEO

An important aspect of SEO is on page SEO and this section covers everything you need to know. 


Off Page SEO

How to build backlinks? Citations? What strategies to use? This section covers everything for you. 


Preparing For Future

The last section of the course talks about preparation. Where to find jobs, what books to read, etc. everything is included. 

"I built this course with all my experience of last 12 years"

I run two agencies now & have managed 400+ clients over last 10 years as an SEO expert. I teach everything here. Everything that I know, everything that you should know. You can trust me on this. 

Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here

These points will help you decide whether you should buy this course 

How do I pay and join?

Simply click one of the buttons of this page, and it will take you to the cart page. Make sure the quantity is set correctly, click "proceed to checkout" and follow the instructions on the screen. 

How many devices can I use to watch this course?

You can only use one device to watch the course (1 laptop or 1 pc or 1 mobile). We don't allow multiple device. 

Will I become an SEO expert after watching this?

If you watch all our videos and do everything mentioned in the videos, you will 100% become an SEO expert. 

Do I need to know English?

Yes. No matter which career you choose, English is a must. That's true in this case too. If you don't have the skills to at least have written communications in English, don't buy this course. 

Will I be rich?

The honest answer is "we don't know". We have lots of success stories, case studies. But there are lots of students of ours who couldn't do anything even after finishing the course. It depends on how you learn, what you do, how serious you are and a lot of other factors. 

I have more questions.

Simply email us here: and our team will answer any questions you have.