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SEO Audit Service

Where do you think internet marketers, businesses and bloggers should spend most of their time? According to us, it is ranking pages that are on the top 10 pages of Google but didn't make it to page 1 (or top 3 of page 1) yet. The aspiration of creating new content and targeting fresh keywords is definitely there and it will be, however, you get the most value out of your marketing budget when you work on improving the rankings of existing pages. 

That's where our SEO Audit Service comes into play. 

We even ranked one of our own websites without any links pointing to that page for the keyword 'white hat SEO service' worldwide as a case study, only with the help of solid audit and on page optimization. 

seo audit service

A Quality SEO Audit Service To Help You Improve Your Rank Positions

Here's why our on page SEO Audit service is different than anything that you have seen out there. Quick benefit if you don't want to read the whole thing: We offer a rank improvement or refund guarantee with this service. 

Page Level Audit

Don't confuse this with a site-level audit because this is not. It is a page-level audit where me & my team will work on one keyword and one URL that you provided and help it get better ranking on Google. We will also be giving you an overall recommendation of what should be tackled first once the audit is completed so you know what to do next. 

Analyzing Your Competitors

It all starts with analyzing your competitors. We generally pick all websites that are above you on SERPs (if you are on position 46, we pick the top 45 websites to analyze). At this stage, we use industry level tools to analyze the on page factors that are working for your competitors and are missing on your page. This includes everything from word count to Tf-idf and even keyword counts for LSIs and the number of Javascript & CSS files that are loading within your page. 

Once we have enough date from a quality competitor analysis, we move on to next step. 

Getting into Action

It is time to fix things that we found on the previous step. If it is technical, our team will get in and fix things for you. If it is content, my team of content writers will add additional words to the page. If it is something that we can't fix (we generally don't login to non CMS based websites), we will create a recommendation file and ask your developer to fix things for us. 


Once we fix the technical SEO audit issues that are there, we will request you to do a search engine crawl for us (or we might do one for you). This will be the final stage of your SEO audit. Once the crawling request is placed, it is time to wait and see your SERP improvements. If you don't see any SERP improvements within 1 month, we will offer you a 50% refund, no questions asked.

1 Page Audit

We will work on one keyword & URL you provide.



  • 1 URL
  • 1 Keyword
  • We implement the changes for you
3 Page Audit

We will work on 3 keywords & up to 3 URLs you provide



  • Up to 3 URLs
  • 3 Keywords
  • We implement the changes for you

Frequently Asked Questions

As this is not a side-wide SEO Audit service, you might have a few more questions around what this offers and how my team can help. Let me answer some of the most commonly asked questions below:

My Keyword is Not Within Top 10 Pages of Google. Can I Take This Service? 

Do I receive a refund if my keywords don't move after 1 month? 

Still got questions? Email us at

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