All the schema markup generators I found online had issues. Some of them were outdated, some had technical issues, some simply didn’t provide the right code or was too difficult to use. So I created one for the readers of my blog. This is a simple one, ready to use. The codes are in JSON-LD format.

I will tell you how I use it. I simply select the code type that I need (as an affiliate marketer and SEO agency owner, I end up selecting local business schemas and the review types in most cases), I fill it up with information and then copy-paste the code to the header of that particular page. If you are using WordPress, go for a plugin like Header Footer Code Manager. I use this one. Feel free to use anything as long as you can put the code on header/footer of a page.

Very Important: Make sure that you always validate the Generated Schema Markup with Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

If you have a question/feedback about the Schema Markup Generator, feel free to use the contact form to let me know. All the best.

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