Despite being from the marketing background, I know how irritating these privacy and refund policies can get. We still gotta do it, for legal reason obviously. 

If you are ordering any of our services, you have complete right to know about the refund policies we offer.

Each sales page (the page that you will order the service from) of individual services has details about the product’s refund policy. 

– Passive Journal U / The Academy – Our course (available only in Bangla for Bangladesh audience): We don’t offer any refund for this course once purchased. This is a digital product that you receive within 48-72 hours of ordering. 

Also, if you use a Fake profile to watch the course, if you use a 2nd profile or a Facebook profile that is not your main profile to watch the course, you will be banned & not refunded. 

SEO & Other Marketing Service: Due to the nature of these services, refund policies are dynamic and mentioned in each of the sales pages. Please go through those carefully before you order. For our SEO service, we only offer a partial refund if we can’t improve any of your keyword’s position within 3 months of us starting the work. 

Our NFT: You are free to sell your NFT to someone else. However, we don’t buy the NFTs back and we don’t have a refund option for the NFTs once purchased. 

1. As an NFT owner, you have full rights to sell the NFT as an art or a collectible, both in physical world and in metaverse.
2. 25% of all money generated from the NFT sale will be in a pool which gets invested on alternative assets. These assets are risky & might not make a return. However, when there’s a return, we will be sharing it with you every year in the form of cash disbursement or other asset classes. 
3. Every NFT owner will get 2 access to Academy – our course – which they can either use themselves or sell to someone else (the courses can only be redeemed once so please don’t redeem if you want to sell)
4. Every NFT owner will also receive one access to Entrepreneurship School – our flagship entrepreneurship course we are launching in October, 2022 – You can either keep this access or sell it.
5. Every NFT Owner will participate in a lottery every month till Dec 2023 and the winner each month will receive all Adsense earnings of Khalid Farhan YouTube channel.
6. Every year, we will be curating a list of books that we think you should read and will send those to your home. This will continue till 2024. 
 7. Every NFT owner will participate in a lottery every month till Dec 2023 and the winner each month will receive all Adsense earnings of the Khalid Farhan YouTube channel.

8. A few cool merch to remember the NFT launch & your participation in the history making event

9. If you decide to start a business, you will be receiving business consultation and support from Khalid Farhan & Team along with mentorship to grow your business online.

10. an NFT is also a rare collectible – as this is the first big public NFT launch from Bangladesh, the value of the art pieces should theoretically increase in next 10-20 years.

Note: We don’t advise that you use cryptocurrency in any way to buy or sell the NFTs. Please follow your local law when dealing with alternate asset classes. 

Any questions regarding our refund policy can be directed at support at