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If you are ordering any of our services, you have complete right to know about the policies we offer.

Our Courses: We don’t offer any refund for this course once purchased. This is a digital product that you receive within 7 days of ordering. Once an order is placed, no refund is issued.  Our courses are also non-shareable. You can’t share it with a friend. If done, your account might get banned. 

We don’t allow changing your ip / wifi – on device change. This will result in temporary or permanent ban of your profile. 

We also don’t allow change of your email address / any other details that you have provided us during placing your order. 

If your old device is lost or stolen, we allow a new device and we do a reset. This happens only once in the course lifetime. We will not do it more than once. We can deny a reset if there’s a suspicion of piracy or unauthorized account transfer. 

We can deny the sale of our products to anyone. We can also cancel a sell and offer a refund, if already paid. 

Earnings Disclaimer: We don’t provide any guarantee of earnings in any of our courses. A lot of our students do very well after completing our courses, a lot of our students also fail. There’s no “income guarantee” with any of our products.  

Formal Friday: Formal Friday is our email newsletter service that’s sent to you every Friday. We don’t offer refund on this service once purchased. Formal Friday is a non shareable product. If we catch the sharing of Formal Friday in public / private groups, settings, forwarding etc. – your account will be closed. 

Bootcamp & NFT: You are free to sell your NFT to someone else. Please check Discord to know more benefits that come with your NFT. 

Death Policy: I am running a personal brand based empire so one of the obvious questions will be “What happens if I die”. Anyone can die at any point and so can I. 

Unfortunately, all our projects will be immediately canceled if I die. You will have the required access of everything till the platforms stay alive. However, anything related to me (new courses, support, projects etc) – will be immediately discontinued and canceled. 

I hope I don’t die anytime soon but I wanted to mention this, just in case. 

Any questions regarding our refund policy can be directed at support [at] khalidfarhan.com