Session 04: From Teaching English to Selling a Service Business & Starting All Over Again With Dom Wells

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Alright! On Session 04 of the Building a Business Online, I have a gem of a guest – AKA Dom Wells. You can listen to the episode here:

Alternatively, if you want to listen to this episode on your preferred podcast listening app, here goes the links:

Dom or the world of Human Proof Designs is not new to me but it was great listening to the whole journey from Dom’s point of view. Funny story, when I was working at Passive Journal, I actually reached out to Dom for a written interview and he was kind enough to do it. We even published it back in the old site (not live anymore). It seems like doing a proper podcast interview with Dom is coming to a full circle.

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Human Proof Designs is the company that Dom built from ground up. They are a big name in the world of ready made affiliate solutions (read content, ready sites etc.). I have been a guest on their podcast too (which you can listen to here) and discussed lead generation as a business.

Anyway, back to Dom. He is a down to earth person, not your typical flashy millionaire with a fancy car. The discussion was great and I got a few interesting takeaways to implement for my personal stuff. Other than the OG story of Dom, you will also like his strategies about growing affiliate sites, what he thinks one should start with to ‘make money online’ and his plan to grow Onfolio.

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    I got inspiration From this podcast. I like it. Thank you

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