Session 08: Airbnb SEO, Funnels, Growth Marketing & More with Kelvin Mah

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I had a fun chat with Kelvin Mah in this episode. I consider Kelvin a good friend, and we have a few common interests as well – one of them being listening to loooong podcasts (watch out Joe Rogan fans).

Listen to the episode here:

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Hi, I'm​ Khalid...

I travel the world and try to live a digital nomad life. Want premium goodies from me? For free?

Kelvin is one of the nicest guys you would come across in the internet marketing world. And, he is the perfect definition of how someone from a non tech Monday job background (he was in Finance) can join the world of internet marketing, work with fun companies and eventually starts businesses of his own in the same space.

I actually did not know about Airbnb SEO before Kelvin brought it up. I always knew about Amazon SEO and it being a thing. I guess, i should have seen Airbnb coming. More opportunities for domain specific SEOs. That’s always good.

You can find Kelvin at Kelvin@wiredxl.com.

The companies he is currently working on are:

And as he said in the podcast – he also invests on websites. So feel free to reach out to him if you have a solid site to sell (reach out to me as well if you have something decent).


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