Session 05: From a 6 Figure Salary to Starting Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business with Doug Cunnington

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Session 05 was with Doug Cunnington, from Niche Site Project (link below). Doug has been around for a while, and it seems like we are on an affiliate marketing roll here as we had an affiliate marketer on session 04 too. Anyway, listen to the episode here:

Alternatively, if you want to listen to this episode on your preferred podcast listening app, here goes the links:

As I was telling in the podcast, I know Doug for a while now. The interesting takeaways for me for this episode was his thoughts about monetizing with Amazon affiliate marketing alone for 50% of his business (the other 50% comes from YouTube revenue, course and Niche Site Project).

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The whole discussion about whether he would have started all these if he wasn’t laid off from the job at Accenture is also something that I totally agree with. You need a final push to create something of your own. That’s the Linchpin mentality (shout out to Seth Godin). If you are too comfortable at your job, the chance of you starting something on your own is very less likely.

A wise man once said, most people fail in life because they aimed too small and they have achieved it. Make sure that you don’t aim small, that’s important.

Mentioned Resources

Here’s a video about the KGR Keyword research method that we discussed on the podcast (there’s more than one videos in the channel)



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