Session 03: From 0 to $250,000 In 1 Year With Lemlist & Cold Emails

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Alright, so this has been one of the most enjoyable episodes (so far) that I recorded. I had Guillaume Moubeche in this one. He’s the co-founder of Lemlist, a cold email tool that went from nowhere to $250,000 in ARR within literally 1 year.

He’s from Paris and he is a young champ (feels weird to write that when you are only 26 yourself). The story of founding Lemlist is very interesting. One of the biggest takeaways for me was the realization of being around quality people (because Guillaume met his tech co-founders on a co-working space).

The whole story is fascinating.

I also told the story of how we used Lemlist on our early days as an agency and how it helped us automate the cold email campaigns.

I will be honest here. I have used pretty much all the Lemlist competitors and Lemlist feels like the most completed tool to me at this point. Whether you are doing outreach for SEO or simply reaching out to businesses to get them as clients, Lemlist will help you (I have first hand experience with both).

You can checkout Lemlist and all the tools I recommend here. 


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  1. Such an inspiring podcast ! Why don’t you upload this on your youtube channel ! By the way , the intro was aweome 😀

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