Session 01: The Market of Buying & Selling Websites With Blake Hutchison

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I interviewed Blake Hutchison, the current CEO of Flippa in this one. It was a fun one and one of my first interviews that I recorded as a podcast. 

As you can listen, me being a non-native speaker really shows. 

That’s one of the biggest reasons behind why I never did a podcast, even if I wanted to for all these years (2 years to be exact). 

But hey, I had to start one. I couldn’t live with the regret of not doing a podcast and talking to these amazing people. 

What’s my goal with the podcast though? 

Do I have anything in mind? 

Is there anything I want to achieve doing this show? 

Well, the answer is both yes and no. 

The two main benefits of starting a podcast at this stage of my career would be: 

  • Getting some tractions on the new PassiveJournal
  • Being able to learn from some amazing entrepreneurs

As you might have noticed, I moved my company website to PassiveJournal.io. It has always been a mess for me, operations wise but finally, this should be the last move. 

I will use my own domain (KhalidFarhan.com) to discuss everything that I care about, including marketing, SEO and more! 

However, I am slowly disassociating myself with the business over at Passive Journal. It will run on it’s own with the great team I have built over the years. 

The podcast sessions will be published on both my personal blog and over at Passive Journal. However, the show-notes will be different. 

In KhalidFarhan, I will try to talk about my experience of interviewing the guest and what I think about the topic of the interview. On Passive Journal, it is going to be more formal, with a proper show notes, giving the required information that you heard on the podcast. 

Should be good. 

I am excited. 

Key Takeaways & Mentioned URLs

  • Lessons from Blake’s startup days
  • How to do Due Diligence when buying a website online
  • What we think about the website industry as a whole
  • Flippa
  • Extreme Referencing

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  1. Although it is not so inseparable for me because I’m completely new here, but I can truly say that Khalid Farhan is my inspiration. Hope I will get your direction to dive into the Digital Marketing. Than you for your podcast.

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