Session 02: Why Now is the Best Time to Start Doing SEO With Matt Diggity

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I have Matt Diggity on the session 02 of our show. I briefly discussed this a little on the introduction but let me give you the full story.

I first came to know about Matt when I was running Passive Journal in 2016. As I mentioned in the intro, I actually reached out to him for a roundup comment and he was one of the few (I reached out to about 50 and only 10 or so replied) who replied with a detailed comment for that post.

Matt has done quite a lot in last 10 years, primarily around search engine optimization. He has been very strategic about diving deep vs wide with his knowledge and forming companies that perfectly suit his skills and the needs of his audience.

I consider him a quality business mind who has successfully managed to not get stuck with one company but creating different solutions for different needs and keeping those separate from each other. This is a problem that I have. It is tough for me even today to disassociate myself with Passive Journal and things get mixed up all the time.

According to Matt, the right approach is to find ‘partners’ and then trusting them. Maybe that’s where I went wrong as I have been doing everything on my own.

According to Matt, now is the best time to do SEO or at least get started in the world of SEO as the competitions are falling apart and there’s hundreds of tools to support you in the journey now. My argument was based on a recent study, done by Rand Fishkin who showed with data that Google is taking more and more of search traffic to their own properties.

Other than that, we also briefly discussed Matt’s companies, his life, how he got started and a bunch more.

I am sure you will enjoy this episode.

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