I did my first podcast back in 2017 and I have been going on and off with podcast ever since. 

Audio is powerful. Long form audio is even more powerful. I am an avid consumer of podcasts as well so I am dedicating this section of the website not only to showcase my podcasts but also giving a shoutout to the ones I enjoy. 

This is an English podcast where I talk to cool people about running a business. I admit, I haven’t been updating it much and there’s only like 8 episodes there. Still, I think it is a good listen. Being someone from a non native English country who has struggled with his tone a lot, I am really proud of this one- hence this gets position 1 in my list. 

A monthly podcast that I publish on my YouTube channel – this one is in Bangla. Talking about money is still a taboo in our society and I am doing my best to break that barrier. I have two goals with this show – make money a non-taboo topic in Bangladesh culture and make people enthusiastic about business. 

A lifestyle podcast hosted by Khalid Farhan, Enayet Chowdhury & Sadman Sadik – another Bangla podcast that gets published every week on YouTube. We cover a variety of topics every week. 

These are the podcasts I love and Enjoy. I am not saying you would love all of these – and I am not sure I will love all of these in 5 years – but they have helped me a lot in my life & it would be “wrong” for me not to give them a proper shoutout. 

Possibly my most favorite podcast to listen to these days. The guys are super energetic, fun (which is key) and knowledgeable. I listen to My First Million almost every day of the week. 

Patt has been a great inspiration for me – I remember I used to listen to him in 2016, and his whole story of how he became who he is from nowhere is inspiring. There should be a movie on his life and I 100% mean it. 

This one is possibly the most fun business podcast you will find on the web. Noah – the founder of Appsumo talks about interesting business & life topics that are always worth listening to. 

Neil Degrass Tyson is magical with his show, Star Talk. If you are into astrophysics, you will love this one. 

I really look up to the Gary Vee hustle culture. Yeah he gets repetitive, yeah he might push unhealthy work advice, but I really think its necessary for a lot of lazy people. I hate being lazy and I hate those who are. 

Scott Galloway is a magician with his words (both written and podcast) – and I love how casual & practical he is about everything.