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Automating your outreach process is a ton of work. It takes a while (and support from a quality VA) to find genuine prospects, sort out their URLs, find emails and finally, send those outreach emails. I have had the same issues and I finally, managed to solve it. 

Introducing, Outreach Station. The tool that we use in house to automate a huge part of our Outreach Process & get 8-10% success rate with guest posts all the time.

Here's How it Works

Using AI & two different APIs (one for search query & one to collect emails), Outreach Station finds prospects who have published guest posts on your keyword & delivers an excel/csv sheet with up to 300 prospects with their email addresses. 

All you have to do then is to hook it up with your favorite email outreach platform & see the magic happen.  

Step 1

Once logged in, simply type the keyword and the location where you want the search result to simulate. If you select USA, the tool will simulate the search results of United States on that day. Let's do one for Marketing. 

Step 2

Outreach Station will now try to find website URLs that has published guest posts about marketing along with their individual email addresses. If a website has more than one email address, we will give you all of them in separate csv columns. The process takes about 10 minutes. 

Step 3

Your downloadable file is now ready (you can find the old files in 'outreached data'). It is a CSV file that you can directly upload to your email outreach tool. 

Step 4

This is what a typical file will look like. Each file will have 300 prospect URLs with approximately 70-80% with email data (we can only find email addresses of a website if it's visible on their website). Simply plug this data to your favorite outreach platform and you are good to go. 

What should I enter as topic if my blog is about cat food? 

How do you find these URLs? 

How many prospects will I receive on every search? 

How many email addresses will I receive? 

Can I cancel anytime? 

Ready to Try?


2 searches/month



/One Time

  • 2 search requests/month
  • Up to 600 rows of data/month

30 searches/month



/One Time

  • 30 search requests/month
  • Up to 9000 rows of data/month

You will receive your login details within 24 hours of purchase.

Question? Reach out to support@khalidfarhan.com

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