I am ‘On a Break’ With Marketing and SEO (Here’s Why)

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I am having a midlife crisis. Or at least, I think I am. 

I have not been regular with my blog posts lately & I know exactly why.

No, I am not having a nervous breakdown of any sort. Everything’s good. But lately, I stopped enjoying most of what I do.

I have realized something BIG…something Huge (read in Trump’s voice)

Hi, I'm​ Khalid...

I travel the world and try to live a digital nomad life. Want premium goodies from me? For free?

I am an entrepreneur at the core and things that are repetitive don’t attract me.

Don’t get me wrong. I like SEO & Marketing. The businesses are doing well and I am happy with how things are. However, it is quickly turning into a job for me rather than a creative hub.

I am a simple guy and I don’t need big money to survive. I am 26 now and I will probably live for another 50 years if things go right and I don’t have my investment game setup yet.

Just to give you some perspective, Passive Journal did well over $100k so far this year (2019):

As of 2019, I don’t manage the company (I still own 100% of it). I built a solid team who takes care of everything and I am looking to hire a head of content to take this the next level.

More than just the numbers, I love the fact that despite offering one of the lowest priced services in the market, people love us. Passive Journal works with some of the biggest names in the industry. We offer them SEO, Content Marketing & White Label Services.

Other than this, I have my course too for my Bengali audience that does roughly about $8000/month. Here’s a screenshot of the WooCommerce dashboard (the currency is in BDT).

Note: You can’t compound this in a yearly revenue because the course is not always available to buy. The numbers, however, look like this when it is available to buy.

And then on top of this, I have a book (one of the bestsellers now) in Bengali about digital marketing (have a look here), I have my consultation gigs and I have my freelance one off projects & day job.

I also have a YouTube channel for my Bangladesh audience (search Khalid Farhan on YouTube) that has about 32,000 subscribers and slowly growing. It doesn’t make any money as I decided not to put ads on my channel, but it still needs work.

I launched a podcast (episode 1 here) too and loving it so far.

On top of this, I am also replying to emails and social media all day answering questions from aspiring entrepreneurs, businesses and freelancers.

As you can imagine (I am not complaining), things are tough at times, time management wise. It gets crazy very quickly.

I have, therefore, decided to taken a sit back, relax and work on some other stuff that excites me. 

I used last 3 months to do tons of hiring for Passive Journal and finally, they have a decent process (can always be better) to manage everything on their own.

I still jump in with some of the SEO consultation side of things for a few clients but other than that, I am done and for the first time in about 2 years, I am excited.

What’s The Plan Now?

Well, 2019 is almost gone (it is September now when I am writing this). I have 3 months left this year and then the year 2020. I will take a break from the regular internet marketing world for these 15 months to regroup my thoughts, to decide where I want to be in next 5-10 years and possibly, to work on some other exciting stuff.

What are those exciting stuff? 

Plan 1: Learn Coding

I am just putting it out there. I am interested to learn coding. Not the boring Html+css (of course you need both of these to do anything) but I am not going to call myself a coder being able to learn and design a web page on html & css. I am more interested in picking up a core language like Java or Python / Ruby and dive deep.

I will keep you updated. At this point, I know so little about the world of programming languages that I don’t even know which path to take.

Plan 2: Launch a Small Software Business (SaaS)

I have a few ideas and I already made a failed attempt to create a small SaaS tool, which was a good (read costly) learning lesson. I am currently planning the 2nd attempt and things are going well so far.

It is very early to tell anything about it but if you follow my blog, you will know. Make sure that you are subscribed to this blog.

Plan 3: Record 100 Podcast Episodes for My Show

Well, the Building a Business Online show is already out there (and you can listen to it on Stitcher, iTunes or Spotify) and I have started publishing episodes. These are long form interviews with people that I admire and want to learn from.  The goal with the show is really to learn from them. I don’t have a monetization plan for the show. I am not thinking about sponsorship at this moment (that might change). The only reason that I finally launched the podcast is to talk to entrepreneurs who had a great journey and share it with my audience + learn as much as possible.

Let’s see how this one goes.

Plan 4: Do Some Money Making Activity

How am I going to make money in the next 14 months? I am not taking sponsorship for the podcast, the SaaS tool is not live yet and ‘learning coding’ doesn’t pay you anything.

I get my salary + dividend from PassiveJournal but I would love to have a few other streams of income too for the next 15 months:

  • Build two sites and sell in next 15 months (just for the money, one is a golf site and the other one is a travel site)
  • I am writing my 2nd book in Bengali (should be published on the 2020 book fair) and I have plans to do the same book in English too at some point next year (if I manage time)

And of course, if I am fortunate enough with the SaaS tool, that should start bringing in some money during the same 15 month phase.

Whatever happens, I will try to keep you updated with my blog and podcasts.

That’s my 15 month plan in bite-size. Once again, I love marketing, digital marketing & SEO – and I would never be able to disassociate myself completely from what I have been doing, but let’s take a 15 month break and see what happens?

What’s your next 15 month plan? I am curious. Leave a comment (the more specific you can become, the better it is for you).

I am Khalid, a blogger and a geek when it comes to anything related to online marketing. Stay connected to me. Leave a comment if you like my articles.


  1. Md. Rakibul Islam Reply

    My 15 Month Plan:-
    I want to reach $5000/mo revenue from amazon affiliate & local seo.

      • Fazle rabbi Reply

        15 months plan- 2 site build
        1 Amazon affiliate
        2 lead generation site
        Goal for achieve 150-500$ /months

      • Md Rakibul Islam Reply

        Right now, I have 1 amazon niche site with 25K content
        2 lead gen site very soon i will run a new lead gen site
        Also, I have digital marketing service selling website.
        That’s it!!

    • Hi
      Your plan always awesome bro. My target plan is to be a full time online marketer ( work as a seo exper & affiliate marketing ) within next 15 month.


    • Dalton Talukder Reply

      IN NEXT THREE months, i am gonna gain knowledge about marketing, seo and all the things which is linked with online marketing. And the most important one is, i am gonna improve my English in writing and speaking. I am damn bad in English so that i dont have enough courage to comment or share anything anywhere i want. As well as in your blog vaiya 😊.
      Anyway after three months i am going to execute my dream, my dream site 😊 which will be a amazon affiliate based site.
      And i can ensure u that one day U will say to me that” Dalton, your the best student i have ever had so far. I am very happy to see you really successful in your passion in your dream field 😊”

      Thank you for being my teacher.
      And i am from Khagrachari and i am a Chakma guy 😊.
      No one ever gonna neglect us for being chakma or because of hill tract guy after see me as Damn successful guy in my own field.
      Not only successful but also the best in the whole world. I believe in Big dreams, and i always will. 😊
      Thanks again vaiya for being in my life ❤️

      • KhalidFarhan Reply

        All the best <3 I am sure you will do wonders. Just keep working hard. Everything else will happen if you work hard enough.

  2. ArthikDisha Reply

    Congratulations Khalid. I am from India and a bengai too. I love your work. The way you have just evolved for last few years, just awesome.
    Keep going

      • I have already started building my affiliate site. Today earlier i was thinking that i need to make a plan for year 2020. While browsing randomly just saw your post.
        I am just amazed by your working spirit. I have planned to build 2-3 affiliate site in this year and also thinking about opening SEO agency. However, i need to make a solid plan for this.
        Python is a great language and i hope you will have fun. However ruby on rails is little bit tough as far i know. I wish a good luck for your plan

  3. Shohag Hossain Reply

    Hey, Always I love to spend time and money for self learning. Although, Self learning never end. Great dicision. I would like to see as Nail Patel, and Still, I believe. But I am worried, you don’t mention a plan for our passive journal’s paid members.

    Have a great journey for the next 15 months

  4. Saleh Ahmmed Reply

    Thats great!!!

    Go aheh, be more creative. Do more for internet marketing learners.

  5. A splendid plan indeed! It will be really great to see you as a programmer. Turning a business graduate into a programmer would be inspiring as you are a business graduate. Lots of luck.

    • KhalidFarhan Reply

      Thanks Ali. The first love is still marketing which I will keep doing on and off.

  6. Great plan… Start with the Python if you are interested in data and machine learning stuff.

    best of luck

  7. Mizanur Rashid Reply

    Very Inspiring, full of enthusiasm, May Allah bless you.

  8. Hello Khalid bhai, hope you’re well.
    just wanted to know how your “plan for 15 months” has been working out so far.

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