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Over last 7 years, I have built and sold multiple websites, trained 1000+ internet marketers and served hundreds of SEOs and IMs with our services both here and at Passive Journal. I have also worked with fortune 500 brands and local mom & pop shops to help them improve their SEO game. 

As an internet marketer, you already know what was the common cry was among all of them. 

It is Link Building...

Link building can easily make or break a business as links are still (and will be) the #1 ranking factor for Google. However, getting good links is no joke in 2019. 

I have done it all. From starting and selling blog networks (AKA PBN) to doing Web 2.0s back in the days, I was always experimenting with link acquisition techniques to grow my blogs. 

However, as you saw in my latest case studies, things changed from early 2018. I started to realize, if the planning and the process is right, you can do wonders with link acquisition techniques such as Guest Posts & Outreach relation based links. 

So that's what I started to do. 

After a ton of testing, me & my team (+5 VAs) managed to create a process that works. 

We have used the same process to get quality links and rank all our websites in last years. We have had decent 5 figure exits and we plan to follow the same strategies on all our new websites for indefinite future. 

It really comes down to doing quality outreach, building relations and then publishing guest posts on sites to get a link. 

That's about it. 

Our Link building service does exactly that. 

Sounds interesting? Fill out the form to see if your website qualifies! 

Please note that the service starts at $500/Month

Here's How Our Link Building Service Works

I consider everyone who'll try this service as internet marketing experts. Well, even if you are not an expert, you are not a beginner by any means. Therefore, I don't think hiding the process of how the whole thing works will serve any good to any of us. If we end up working together, you will be considered as a partner of our team & knowing the whole process beforehand sure helps. 

Stage 1: Planning

Once we approve your website for this service, we go ahead and start planning link building campaigns for you. The plan phase takes about a week to 10 days. This is when we decide what campaigns will be most effective for your website. Some websites perform best with a Skyscraper outreach, some perform better with a naked guest post approach and some with a complex relation building process. This is the time to decide the game plan. 

Stage 2: Creating a Persona & Connecting the Dots

As part of this service, you will be asked to provide a G-Suite account to us (or we can create one for you). The G suite will be on your own name and we will be using that persona to build relation with prospects. Once we have the G-suite account access from you, we will connect it with our mining and automation tools (We use everything from Pitchbox to Lemlist to to Mailshake depending on the needs). 

Stage 3: Mining Data

This is when my team will start mining data for you. We take a 100% manual approach when it comes to mining data for link building and there are reasons for that. Automated data mining results in unqualified leads and it is not only the name and the email that we collect anyways. 

You see, when it comes to quality link building, it is all about building a solid relation with the prospect and you can't do that with 100s of automated emails with random subject lines. 

We use data points such as specific articles, broken links, a common interest and sometimes, social profiles of every prospect which makes our data mining process extensive & the best in the industry. 

Stage 4: Sending Emails & Connecting With Prospects

We start month 2 with sending quality emails to the prospects we found on Stage 3. This is where the actual fun begins. We send emails in multiple batches to ensure deliver-ability and management. 

Stage 5: Managing Replies, Writing Content and Getting Links

Once we start getting replies of our emails, we immediately get into building relations to manage that link for you. In many cases, the website owner will ask for money to place a link on to their website. If it is a smaller amount, we go ahead and take care of it from the monthly budget. If it is more than $20, you have the option to either approve it by paying for the link or we will simply remove that prospect. 

This is also the stage when our team of native content writers will produce content for those guest posts. 

Stage 6: Sending You The Link Report & Moving to Stage 3

We simply send you the link report as they come (they will continue coming every month once we finish Stage 4) and move back to Stage 3 to mine more data to continue the process. 

You will start receiving links every month once we complete Stage 4.

Sounds interesting? Fill out the form.  

‚ÄčThe service costs $500/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Link building can be a daunting process with 100s of questions. Let me answer a few common ones here but feel free to email us with anything you have in mind and we will be happy to assist. 

Why should I pay monthly even though I am not getting any links before Month 2 or Month 3?

Can I get links to my money pages? 

Can I cancel anytime I want? 

What's your refund policy?

What kind of metric can you guarantee?

What sort of growth I can expect? 

How many backlinks will I receive each month? 

Still got questions? Email us at and we will reply within a day. 

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