My Journey: From Where I Came to 2017

Hey There!

I am glad you have managed time to read a post of mine. This is the first article that I am writing for KhalidFarhan.com. So I thought, what better way would it be to start the site than talking about my journey so far as an Internet marketer?

Let’s get started.

I am someone from Bangladesh. I will turn 25 on January 27th, 2018. I am not a young guy anymore and I think I deserve to have a blog under my own domain name now. Why? Let me take you through a history lane.

I was born in a lower middle class family back in 1993. My mom was a journalist and my dad used to be a ‘businessman’. The family broke when I was at around class 6/7 (I forgot). Childhood wasn’t that exciting for me. My mom got divorced and me and her started living this tough life. It was difficult.

I remember, my grandfather (from my mom’s side) used to live in a village. We were living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We couldn’t afford great food. We were not starving but whenever my grandfather and grandmother used to come visit us, they would bring a lot of food for me and my mom. It was really tough but we managed it well. My mom worked really hard to help my education.

I was not a great student back in school but I wasn’t bad either. My mom worked as a news editor for a newspaper and situation was getting better day by day. I was living my regular life. She never really let me understand what we were going through. As you know, we understand everything but we pretend not do. I was doing the same.

When I was in my 11th standard, things were pretty decent monetarily in our family. We were not rich but we were having a decent middle-class life. I started as a freelancer at around that time. I think it was 2011 when I first registered on Upwork.com. They called it Odesk back in the days. I registered as a writer and my first job that I got there was as a content writer where I had to write 500 words for $1.

I was happy. I was grinding and getting around $100/Month. Life was good. That was a decent amount of money for a kid like me who didn’t really spend much. This continued for a few years. I remember I had a girlfriend at that time. It was tough for me to get phone bills to talk to her. Freelancing definitely helped. She was also very helpful in my journey as a freelancer. Again, I was happy.

Days went by. I started my undergrad in a good business school. Marketing has become my passion by then and I didn’t hesitate to change my line of studies from science to business. This is the same time when I started a company called ‘Pet Accessories’. You wouldn’t find it Googling. It was not really a company but a F-Commerce with a FB page, products sourced from Ali-express using the USD I was earning as a freelancer and ‘fb boosts’. FB was super underpriced (As Gary Veynerchuck says) which definitely helped. I built that business for the first two years of my undergrad studies & then I sold it for around $3000 to someone.

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Why did I sell it? I was getting bored. The business was making decent money but I wasn’t enjoying the process anymore. Also, I hated product sourcing and dealing with deliveries and everything else. It was an escape for me.

I moved on and started building affiliate websites. Mostly targeting Amazon’s associate program. I failed miserably initially but then it worked out. I started having little success and I also loved the attention (and the money). I later on built Passivejournal which is why most of you know me now. That’s the time when I started actively talking about my journey as an affiliate and what I do.

I sold a few sites and started getting invites to podcasts. Here’s one that I did with Spencer. These were my initial breakouts so I was so damn happy about all these. Passive Journal is still a big part of my life. I still oversee all the operations and we have a few services for niche site owners (content & seo kinda stuff) that I am really proud of. Also, we are planning to do something for that Bangladeshi community where I came from with Passive Journal (A massive course kind of a thing) which we will launch in mid 2018.

Anyway, so that’s me. Now I am living in Dublin, Ireland. I am doing my MSc here in Digital Marketing Strategy in a college called Trinity College Dublin. If you are ever here, do send me an email. I will give you a free Book of Kells tour. I am a Trinity student so it is free for me. Otherwise, you would have to pay 13 euros. Everything is crazy expensive here in Dublin haha.

I am an immigrant so I always calculate even today. If I go get a burger for 5 euros, my subconscious mind calculates what I could do with 500 BDT (Bangladeshi currency equivalent of 5 euros) if I lived in Bangladesh. I remember those tough days that I had and I try to stay grounded all the time.

Life is good. I am happy.

Thank you everyone who had contributions in this journey. Even if I don’t know you, trust me, I pray for your success too.

2 comments on My Journey: From Where I Came to 2017

  1. Rasedul islam says:

    when i was reading your article it is very enjoyable for me. I understood that if you want to be a bohemian you do not have to leave every thing, just have to Chang something. I am very weak in English so try to read it out.

  2. My life was more measurable than you after lost of my father at the same age like you. And at the end of my life again I am struggling.

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