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[Ultimate Guide] How to Make Money With Clickbank

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Let’s start with this!

It is not uncommon to see people making 3 figures/day on Clickbank. However, if you are new to the world of internet marketing or affiliate marketing, it is unlikely to happen with you.

Having said that, it is still possible to break into $1000/month mark with Clickbank and it is easier than what many people would tell you.

In case if you are already familiar with What Clickbank Is, simply scroll down to the ‘How to Make Money With Clickbank’ section.

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What is Clickbank & How Does It Work

In simple terms, Clickbank is an affiliate network, where businesses try to hire ‘affiliates’ to sell their products in exchange for a commission.

Though Clickbank is mostly known for having ‘digital products’, there’re a lot of businesses trying to recruit affiliates for their physical products too.

Clickbank is essentially a ‘marketplace’ for both affiliates and businesses, to work as a middleman, managing the tracking of sales, paying affiliates and managing the whole system for the businesses.

So how does Clickbank work?

To get started, you can either become a vendor or an affiliate on Clickbank (step by step guide in a minute). If you sign up as a vendor, you will be submitting your product and looking for an affiliate marketer who will pick it up and promote the hell out of it for you.

On the other hand, if you are an affiliate, your job is to browse through the inventory of Clickbank to find a product that you think you can promote and then simply promoting it for a percentage of every sale that you generate.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Clickbank

Clickbank is completely free to join if you are an affiliate marketer. However, if you are a product vendor, trying to find an affiliate using Clickbank, you will be charged a one time fee of $49.95.

The pricing is pretty straight forward and I personally think, Clickbank will soon start charging from the affiliate end too (like many industry leaders like Upwork have started doing already).

Is Clickbank Legit & Safe?

Clickbank has been around for years and is completely safe to use. I have used Clickbank both as an affiliate and as a vendor. The team who runs Clickbank are extremely professional and everything happens like a clockwork.

The support team (they don’t have a live chat) is solid and will answer all your questions within hours. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is not to buy their training programs as those are basic and will not help you much.

Clickbank has this tendency to upsell their training programs whenever someone joins their platform. Make sure that you don’t fall for it.

How to Make Money With Clickbank (The Step By Step Guide)

Alright. Let me break this down for you. If you are thinking about making money with Clickbank, it is safe to assume that you are an affiliate marketer. Though you can also make money from Clickbank as a business owner, this step by step guide will primarily be geared towards affiliate marketers.

Having said that, let’s begin.

Step 1: Creating Your Account

Simply head over to Clickbank.com and click on ‘create account’.

how to make money with clickbank - creating an account

Once you hit the Create account button, Clickbank will ask for your personal information, your banking information and etc. from you.

Make sure that everything is 100% accurate as Clickbank will not think twice about banning you if they find a mismatch.

Once you have everything filled up, Clickbank will take roughly 24 hours to approve your account. In my case (though I opened mine years ago), it was immediate.

Step 2: Finding the Right Industry to Promote

Notice as I mention ‘industry’ and not product here. There’s a reason behind that. Most affiliate marketers don’t end up making money with Clickbank because as they have a ‘churn and burn’ mentality.

They sign up, they try to find a product and they go all out promoting it.

With the 3 second attention span of modern day human beings, you can’t expect to make a bank with that method.

Here’s what I would do instead.

Once you sign in to Clickbank (after your account is approved), head over to the marketplace section.

You will immediately see a big list of categories, something like this:

Clickbank Categories

It is time to do your research. Go into each of these categories one by one and try to find a product that matches these criteria:

  • The product has existing sales
  • You are confident that if you promote this, people will buy it (ignore all shady stuff)
  • You can create a website around that product’s industry

For the sake of this post, let’s assume that we are researching in the game industry. I just clicked on Games and here’s what I see:

Make sure that you are sorting the opportunities by popularity. This way, we will have a list of the most popular products in the Games category.

From here on, simply pick every product and ask those three questions that we discussed earlier. There are a few other things that you would want to keep in mind while you are doing your industry research.

Gravity in Clickbank: The higher the gravity is, the more affiliates are working on that product. This is not a bad thing. More affiliates are promoting this because they are having success, so the product might be easier to convert. Make sure that you look into this.

Commission: It is not worth the effort if you only get a commission of $1 after all those hard work. Therefore, keep an eye on the commissions too (avg $/sale).

Considering all of the above, do you think the first product (video game tester) would be a good one to promote?

My answer: Yes

It has good products, the products are legit, the commission is good, I am confident that I can promote them and I can also create a website around gaming, right?

That’s perfect. Let’s go to Step 3.

Step 3: Creating a Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a product and an industry in mind, it is time to create a solid marketing strategy.

This is more important than what you realize.

Everyone can sign up to Clickbank, everyone can figure out a decent industry and a product, however, not everyone can create a marketing strategy to promote that service.

Your how to make money with Clickbank dream will stop here if you don’t know how to promote the products you are choosing.

That’s where creating a marketing strategy comes into play.

There are two ways you can go about it.

  • The Basic Strategy
  • The Advanced Strategy

The Basic Strategy

The basic strategy is taking the affiliate URL from the product dashboard and promoting the heck out of it everywhere. Simply click on the big red promote button and you will see this pop up:

The account nickname is your username, so don’t worry about that. Tracking ID is an optional id that you can use to keep track of your sales (use different links for different channels that you would be promoting in).

Now that you have your affiliate URL, simply think about how to get quality clicks to that link.

Here’re the Options:


Facebook is a great place to promote an offer. However, be careful when you are doing it to make sure you are not getting banned from groups.

I would go in to different gaming groups and talk about video game testing opportunities. If possible, I would do a small review of this product in those groups and ask people what they think about it.

Don’t try to sell too hard on Facebook. It will never work.

Another strategy is to do Facebook Ads. If you are good at Facebook marketing, you can bring the cost down to cents and by targeting the right audience, you can easily maximize your profits.

In this particular example, I already know that I will receive $61 for every successful sale. Therefore, I need to make sure that I spend less than $50 for every sale if I am doing FB ads.

I would probably go ahead and re-target Facebook audience who already follow gaming pages, consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and media pages like Polygon (a very popular gaming website).

This way, my ad will only be displayed to people who are interested in gaming, which will increase my chance of success with this one.

Google Ads

The only difference between doing a Facebook ad and a Google ad is that you need a landing page for Google (you could actually use your Facebook page as a landing page on Google ads). In case if you don’t want to create a website at this point, use a free landing page creator like Unbounce or Leadpages to get your one.

From there on, simply go over to Google Ads and setup some partial and exact match campaigns for this one.

You need to do a solid keyword research beforehand to find keywords that you would want to target on Google.

Otherwise, do a broad match (with an eye on negative keywords).

If you are very new to Google Ads, make sure that you start small with a budget of $5-$10/day unless you want all your money to be gone.


A nice little strategy can be getting into the niche specific forums that your product is about and offering value there around the topic you are interested in.

If you get into a forum and start asking people to buy using your affiliate links, you will get banned in 5 minutes.

On the other hand, if you really care about the audience you are serving and if you create a big value article about ‘the pros and cons of becoming a game tester’, I am sure you will get some people who would be interested.

That should always be the approach.

Q/A Sites

This would be a long shot but it is still worth trying. Head over to websites like Quora and start answering questions that people already have asked there around game testing. See if you can strategically place your affiliate link if that’s relevant. Otherwise, don’t bother. People will find you.

Common Publication Sites

The two I like the most are Medium and LinkedIn. Both of them will allow you to publish long form of content. Go ahead and publish educative content around the topic that you are promoting. Don’t be salsy. Try to offer real value to your readers and some of them will automatically convert.

Also, don’t only create one post. Create at least 5-10 to have the best shot.

The Advanced Strategy to Make Easy Money with Clickbank

Most people will not like this strategy as it it involves A LOT OF WORK. But this is the best way to make decent money with Clickbank.

Let me break down the Advanced Strategy for you.

The first two steps are exactly the same like the strategy we discussed earlier, however, instead of going for a marketing strategy, we will create a site.

Yes, we will create a fresh website talking about the product that we are interested to sell. Note that, we will not be creating a landing page or a sales page.

It is an actual informative website.

This strategy has worked really well for me over the years.

So what do we know now?

Keyword Research

We know that we are interested in promoting a game testing offer. Let’s head over to Semrush and do a broad keyword search about game testers. Here’s what I get:

You can immediately see that there are a lot of decent keywords on Semrush around this topic. That’s your first step (identifying solid keywords around the topic).

Building a Blog

The next step would be to create an actual blog to answer these queries. I would go ahead and create a website like gametestinginfo.com where I will blog about all those keywords + more.

Do your keyword research right and make sure that you are preparing enough content around all those keywords. If you know nothing about the topic, go ahead and hire a writer from places like Upwork or Content Manager Pro.

You would want to publish, solid, long form articles with the intention of helping people (don’t try to sell).

Promote Your Blog

You will very quickly realize that promoting an informative content that doesn’t have any intention to sell, is a lot easier than promoting a sales page or a product of Clickbank.

That’s the strategy that you will be using.

Simply go back to the promotion strategies of our basic model (Fb, Q/A sites, Forums etc) and promote the hell out of your informative content.

People will now love you.

Acquire Data

This is the most crucial step of the whole advanced strategy. You will have to make sure that you are collecting enough data to be able to sell to these people, who visit your website.

Facebook Pixel: Install a FB pixel to the site, making sure that you can show retargeted ads to the site visitors on FB +Instagram.

Collect Emails: This is vital. Make sure that you are collecting emails of those people (as many of them as you can) so that you can send them emails with your offers + deals later on. I recommend Aweber (get a free trial here) but choose whoever you want.

Make Money With Clickbank

It is time to actually promote the Clickbank product that you intended to promote on phase 1. We can do it in a few different ways. Here’s what I would recommend:

Banner Ads: Have a few banner ads on your website (at the top and at the right side). You can ask for a banner ad from Clickbank for a particular product or simply go ahead and create one using a designer or using Canva.

Email Marketing: Let’s send emails to those email addresses you have collected in last few months. Don’t forget to do a follow up if they don’t buy it on the first email.

Paid Ads: Do a big review of the product you are promoting on your blog and then run paid ads against it on Facebook and Instagram (maybe LinkedIn too). Only target people who have previously visited your website so that you know there’s enough interest already (also, it will help you to cut down the cost).

That’s it. You will now start to see sales coming.

I am of course, not saying that the basic strategy will not work and creating a blog is the only way to make money with Clickbank, but I would 100% recommend this approach.

It takes time, but it is a sure winner.

Make sure that when you are buying a domain name, it is broad enough to be able to target other Clickbank products later on if you wish.

I am Khalid, a blogger and a geek when it comes to anything related to online marketing. Stay connected to me. Leave a comment if you like my articles.


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