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How to Start Learning VA for Amazon

Written by Khalid Farhan

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Virtual assistant for amazon – what comes up on your mind first? Alexa, is it? If yes, you are not the only one! But no, I’m not going to talk about any AI-based virtual assistant. Today I’ll be talking about a very fascinating work opportunity as a virtual assistant for amazon sellers as actual people.

The name says a lot about the luxury of working from the comfort of your home, but this work opportunity will bring you a very well amount of money as well. Here’s a complete guide on how to start learning VA for amazon if you are interested in a comfortable work-life ditching your 9 to 5 boring job.

How to start learning Va for amazon

What Is Amazon Virtual Assistant Job?

As we know Amazon is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell a wide range of products like cookware, clothes, electronics, sports items, books, decorative items and you name it!

Amazon Homepage

Amazon virtual assistant job or VA for amazon is a remote work opportunity for skilled people to provide various services to Amazon sellers. Simply, their work is to assist Amazon sellers to run their business in a work-from-home situation. They take responsibility for important tasks like product research, SEO optimising products, listing products, Customer services, etc.

Just like a physical store has different employees to handle day-to-day tasks, a virtual assistant for Amazon does similar tasks for an amazon store. 

Why Does Amazon Need Virtual Assistants?

You can take Amazon as a big virtual marketplace where people buy and sell various products. Many Amazon sellers find it difficult to manage their work in a busy schedule or sometimes they lack enough skills to run it efficiently. So they hire skilled people from any corner of the world as amazon virtual assistants to help with their business in a few aspects of it or sometimes all the aspects of it. If you are hired as a virtual assistant for Amazon seller, you get money and they got revenue without working much. Win for both!

What Are the Skills Required to Become an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Well, Amazon is not a plaything for sure, you need to be skilled. But what are the skills required for Amazon VA?

Communication skill – both oral and written – is the first thing you have to have if you are thinking to get yourself into this work line. You have to master it. Let’s not waste time talking about computer skills much – You already can tell how important it is, only based on the fact that your whole work will be done through a computer.

Having proper knowledge about amazon and amazon sellers’ platforms is extremely necessary. You have to know how to go around all the tools of Amazon to work as a virtual assistant for Amazon. Having professional-level skills in e-commerce, customer service, amazon SEO, and marketing is essential to get a freelance virtual assistant job for Amazon.

Some additional skills required to become an Amazon virtual assistant are time management, working under pressure, good decision-making, excellent attention to detail, etc.

What Does Virtual Assistant for Amazon do?

Amazon VA Services

virtual assistant job for Amazon seller can be of different roles. Here is an idea for you of what sort of things a VA for Amazon usually has to do.

Product Research

For any amazon seller, product research can be a very time-consuming process to find out the right products to sell. A virtual assistant can take time and dig out the products with low cost, high revenue, and low competition. They also keep eye on recent trends to look for the most profitable products – exactly what a seller needs!

Product Listing 

A virtual assistant job can include a listing of the researched products or keep on listing new products provided by the seller in the right procedure. The seller might not be free always to do this continuous work, so a VA does it instead as ensuring consistency is a big factor in sales growth.

Amazon Product Optimisation

Amazon Product Optimization

Products can be very good, but the sales will be completely up to their reach to the customers. A virtual assistant is the one that can make it possible to take those products in front of customers’ eyes through product optimisation. VA for amazon boosts the business of the store owner by optimising product content or amazon SEO.

Research Activities

A freelance virtual assistant Amazon hiring can be for a lot of important tasks before selling the product. Amazon virtual assistants’ job is to find products at cheaper or wholesale prices, negotiate and deal with the suppliers, getting sample products for Amazon. 

Customer Service

Amazon Customer Service

The success of a business is many times measured by the number of returning customers. A virtual assistant is appointed to leave a positive impression and quality user experience to the customers. A VA for Amazon can create message templates, fast reply to customer inquiries, handle customer feedback, reply to customer comments, handle product exchange or refund processes, etc.

For being a remote virtual assistant for Amazon, gives the privilege to communicate with customers in different time zones assuring 24/7 customer service for that Amazon store.

Processing Orders 

The process from getting an order to delivering it can take a while in some cases. Meanwhile, a virtual assistant for amazon FBA handles the fulfillment of the order by providing the FBA inventory, downloading shipping labels, tracking the products on their way to the customer, and ensuring the products are received. 

Managing Tracking Information 

A virtual assistant for Amazon seller keeps a close eye on Amazon’s new policies and regulations. They track everything about product optimisation, how the keywords are performing, where the product is ranking, how much traffic it’s pulling, and all sorts of information like that. 

Running Ads Campaigns on Amazon

Virtual assistant for Amazon seller can run Amazon ads campaigns to drag more traffic to the store. It’s a very necessary part of any online business to do Amazon PPC management. An experienced Amazon virtual assistant set up campaigns for PPC ads (pay-per-click ads), minimize unnecessary spending, monitor analytics, and track the performance of the campaign.

How Much Money Does an Amazon VA Make in a Month Online by Offering Service?

How much money you can earn as a virtual assistant for amazon depends strictly on the complexity of your duty and how experienced you are at that. Also how many aspects of that business you are handling is a matter as well. To be clear, if you are appointed as an Amazon VA for only customer service, you can’t expect you will get more money compared to a VA for product listing, SEO optimisation, and customer service.

On average a virtual assistant Amazon salary is around $20-30 per hour. It increases with the complexity and number of your tasks and experience. On average your earning is estimated to be between 4k-6k USD per month.

Does an amazon VA work part-time? – Yes of course! You’ll make money according to that as well. You can give virtual assistant service for Amazon full-time for a lot more money or you can take it as a side income by being a VA for Amazon seller part-time – whatever you like!

How to Start Learning VA for Amazon

Amazon virtual Assistant Guide

If you finally see my point and feel interested to learn more, here is everything you need to know about how to start learning VA for Amazon – an ultimate step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Improve Your Communication Skills

Work on the way you speak and write, there are a lot of free courses available online for it. it’s very essential for not only communicating with the customers but also will help you a lot to crack the deal to be hired as a virtual assistant.

Step 2: Learn Product Research

Open amazon first and go to the search box. You’ll be suggested a lot of things by Amazon itself. Now you have an idea about the top searched products. Take your time and learn your way around this search tool as it’s going to be a major duty of product research as a virtual assistant for Amazon.

Step 3: Observe the Top Sellers on Amazon

Go to amazon as a buyer first. Roam around the stores of top sellers of various niches. See how their products are listed – titles, descriptions, images – everything! By doing this continuously for some days, you’ll start connecting the dots and find some patterns on them responsible for their success. Enrich yourself with these understandings to use them yourself when you’ll get a virtual assistant job.

Step 4: Take Proper Lesson About Amazon SEO

Usually, a virtual assistant Amazon hiring is for getting a skilled person on work with SEO knowledge. Like I said before, the sales will be completely up to their reach to the buyer. So consider this skill to be the most important thing to be used being a VA for Amazon.

Step 5: Understand Amazon Selling Policies

Being a virtual assistant for Amazon, your job will be to keep track of Amazon’s policies. So you must learn about their law and regulations around both buying and selling on their platform. Go to their official website where you’ll find everything you need to know. 

Step 6: Get Familiar with All the Tools Inside the Amazon Store

Hovering over others’ Amazon stores may not be enough. Open a dummy account to look through all the tools you’ll get in a store. Learn how to use them and to use them efficiently. Act like a store owner, list products, learn to track analytics, etc.

Step 7: Learn to Set Up Ad Campaigns

Well, remember it’s not boiling an egg – you can’t make PPC ads and set ad campaigns without learning it well beforehand. It is highly likely required as a virtual assistant for Amazon, so get into learning it soon.

Step 8: Learn All Other Required VA Skills

Give your focus on customer services, tracking records, processing orders, etc. Order something from top sellers if necessary. Learn how they answer your inquiries, what tone they use, and how they behave to give you a quality experience. Notice how they reply to comments on their products.

Learn how to track SEO analytics and things related to the ordering process such as FBA inventory, tracking product location, and verifying deliveries from various courses both free and premium available online.

Step 9: Practice And Implement

Do full use of your dummy account! Best would be to complete any proper course, paid one if you really are determined to learn all the tips to become a successful VA for Amazon. Practice everything in your account you learn in any course. Master your product research, SEO knowledge, tracking details, and everything possible by implementing your knowledge here before doing it to your clients’ amazon store.

Best Paid And Free Courses for Learning VA for Amazon

As I said, Take a course if you are serious about it. But again, which one? I understand your concern. For a person who’s here to learn, how will judge which one teaches well? No problem, I Khalid Farhan got your back. You can enroll in courses for either Amazon sellers or virtual assistants as clearly a VA will have to do the work meant for the seller. Here are some Amazon training courses you can use: 

Amazon Free Courses for Virtual Assistants:

Amazon Virtual Assistant free course
  1.   You can check out “How to become an Amazon VA expert” by AmazoNation. This Amazon virtual assistant free course will help you to learn a lot of necessary things about amazon and also how can you find a client.
  1.   Then there comes “Amazon classes online” by Skillshare. This course covers surprisingly a lot of things free of charge, starting from finding your niche to set your payment rate. You’ll learn almost every basic thing here as an amazon seller and can apply them as a virtual assistant.
  1.   If you are looking for learning about Amazon free, what best course anyone can offer but Amazon itself?. It has a course “How to sell on Amazon” for Amazon sellers and virtual assistants to learn how it works and how to use it for a successful Amazon store. Once signed into Amazon you can enroll in different courses.



Amazon Paid Courses for Virtual Assistants:

Udemy amazon virtual assistant courses
  1.   The cheapest one I have for you is “Amazon Virtual Assistant” by Udemy. It’ll cover things like product research, customer service, listing, etc, and cost you almost $14 for it.
  1.   “Freedom Ticket” by Helium 10 is a premium course with more premium things to learn. This course will cost you almost $40 per month and you’ll get to learn in-depth knowledge about different aspects of Amazon like finding products, freight & logistics, launching products, Amazon marketing, etc.
  1.   Then I have “Amazon seller training” by Proven Amazon Course also costing $40 per month or a lifetime access at $999. This course aims to make you an expert in this field with their lessons in optimising product listing, handling customer service, managing inventory, and everything else.

Whatever course you’ll choose, do some digging before enrolling in one – especially the paid ones!

Content of Amazon Virtual Assistant Courses

Different Virtual assistant courses for amazon can have different things for you to learn. But some common and important tools you’ll learn about are:

  •  Finding niche
  • Creation of Seller Account
  • Creation of an Amazon store
  • Product research
  • product sourcing
  • Listing of products
  • Sessions of Freelancing
  • Registry of Brand
  • Research of Keywords
  • Product Rankings
  • Viral Launch
  • Email Management
  • Tracking record
  • Tips for pinning
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Scaling Amazon FBA business
  • Video Editing etc

Platforms for Virtual Assistant

You must be thinking about how to find a virtual assistant job in the first place. Good news – There are a lot of platforms for that. Many online job platforms and the freelance marketplaces are there where many companies or individuals are looking for skilled people to help with their amazon shop as virtual assistants.

You have to create your account, show off your skills, and crack the deal of an Amazon virtual assistant job. Some platforms for virtual assistant amazon hiring are Amazon Mechanical Turk, Upwork, Fiverr, Freeup, etc. Build your LinkedIn profile portraying all your skills. That is also a popular platform to get a freelance virtual assistant job.

How to Get Amazon Virtual Assistant Job?

You are maybe wondering – “How do I become a beginner VA!” Now, this is the hardest part! Once you have a job, life seems good with all the comfort and money. But the question stays – how to get Amazon virtual assistant job in the first place?

Yes, it’s difficult but not impossible.

Difficult like any other virtual work opportunity as this virtual assistant jobs remote is a very popular work choice for urban people. But if you acquired good enough necessary skills, I can get you your first job as a Virtual assistant for Amazon seller.

  •  Create a well-built resume for you as a virtual assistant portraying what value you can add to others’ businesses.
  • Find out virtual assistant jobs on amazon job boards, various company websites, and of course – freelance marketplaces.
  • Create an account in freelance marketplaces like Upwork, and Fiverr where virtual assistant service for Amazon is a popular work opportunity.
  •  Create your seller profile nicely, and build your gigs on amazon virtual assistant jobs clearly saying what services can you provide to them. Use your SEO expertise to write your virtual assistant job description. 

Now all you need to do is – wait! Keep consistency, and don’t stop until finding one.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Amazon VA

If you think one morning you’ll wake up successful, that’s not how the world works. Always remember, success takes time and effort. 

If you don’t want to get stuck in the “$5/hour” life, you need to get better at your virtual assistant job. Here are some tips for becoming a successful amazon VA in comparatively less time:

  • Don’t stop at your virtual assistant training for Amazon, Keep on developing your Amazon knowledge with time. Try to know more than you knew the day before.
  • Work on your communication skill and look for places to improve. Be very good when it comes to communicating with the customers.
  • Build a strong work ethic if you want to become a successful VA for Amazon. 
  • Keep learning this constantly developing marketplace along with all its new policies and regulations.
  • Have up-to-date knowledge about new trends of the world and new needs of the generations. 

Career As a Virtual Assistant for Amazon

As a VA for Amazon, you can lead a very comfortable life and choose to work on something you like. An average Amazon virtual assistant job remote is paid an average of $30 per hour is a good way to secure financial security from the comfort of your home. You can choose what roles you want to do as a VA for Amazon and get paid according to that. Full-time or part-time – however it suits you.

Career as an amazon virtual assistant

Whether you take it as full-time work or a cool little side hustle besides your other work, you’ll be a winner both ways! If a career as a virtual assistant for Amazon made your eyes shine, I’ve already given a step-by-step guide on how to start learning VA for Amazon, follow it, and make your fortune shine on you too.



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