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How to Make Money with a Pickup Truck

Written by Khalid Farhan

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Do you own a pickup truck? Yes? Then I guess you go for refreshing camping trips with your truck from time to time. But what if I tell you – you got some pretty good and low-risk money-making opportunities too? The time to make money only with money is a so-last season! Now you can use your pickup truck as well. But got no idea how? Not a problem – I’m here to tell you the easy ways how to make money with a pickup truck in 2023. So put the pedal to the metal and watch that sweet money coming in no time.

What Is a Pickup Truck?

Blue Pickup

As you own one, you don’t need an introduction. But to give a generalized idea to the people who don’t – a pickup truck is a vehicle having a big open-top cargo area at the back for carrying various things. You can carry anything small or big in its big flatbed of the back depending on its size.

Pickup truck got famous because people are loving utility alongside freedom. You can travel with any heavy thing or move houses anytime you like – a full convenience!

How Much Can You Make with Your Pickup Truck

Can’t tell you precisely – as I don’t know what exactly you will be doing with your pickup truck. Also how much time you want to devote to it is a big factor too. But on average, $6,000 to $10,000 per month is the income of the people riding on their pickup trucks.

You can take it as a full-time or part-time job – however, it suits you and make money according to it. If you are a student, pickup truck side hustle is pretty common among teens.

No investment and big income – Perfect doesn’t exist, if it did, this will be it!

How to Make Money with a Pickup Truck

What can a pickup truck do – you’ll be amazed by so many options. There are already so many people making good money and having successful financial careers just with their pickup trucks. Let’s see some of the most beneficial ones to help you to choose from.

1.Help People Move Their Heavy Stuff

Let me start with the most common one. If you have a pickup truck already, I’m sure you bought it to carry your heavy stuff like furniture, boats, and electronic machines and move it someplace. Why don’t you make money with your pickup truck offering this same thing to different people? It’s a low-risk and no-investment idea to fill your pocket. 

2.Junk Hauling Service

Junk hauling

We all get some damaged or unnecessary things every year in our houses. It’s a waste of free space – especially if they are big and heavy. You can use your pickup truck to haul these big junks from other’s houses. Hauling jobs for pickup trucks can get you easy $10,000 per month if you give it a good time on it.

3.Offer Service as a Mover 

Shifting to new houses is exciting! Moving furniture – not so much. As you’ve got a pickup truck, you can offer moving house service to people in your locality. Hire a few people, including loading up the belongings and also taking the heavy equipment to the apartment whether on the 1st floor or 10th floor, charging according to that. Your pickup truck moving service will sell like a dream! From a simple moving home gig, $50-$100 will be easy to get.

4.Deliver Products from Companies

The era of online shopping – use it to make money with a pickup truck. If you are looking for pickup truck jobs that take almost zero physical labor, you are going to like product delivery services. Contact different companies and tell them you have a pickup truck and need work as a delivery man. Many times they look for delivery men as well. This way you can make $15-$25 per hour which is a pretty good pickup truck side hustle for students especially.

5.Offer Lawn Care Service

This way you can make money with a small pickup truck as well. Load your truck with lawnmowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, and all the necessary things, and drive around your neighborhood with a killer playlist. Give an offer that can’t be refused to the owner of a lawn screaming for some help. Crack the deal and let the neighbor know who’s the best in the business. Lawn care with a pickup truck can be a nice little side income any day.

6.Plow Snow with Your Pickup Truck

Plow Snow truck

There’s another one of the cool little pickup truck jobs if you are from a country that gets a lot of snowfall. People want their driveways free without breaking their backs with a snow shovel. Take the frosty season opportunity to offer a snow plowing service in your area and make money with a pickup truck. Though a little investment in buying a snowplow is required – I think it’s worth it considering the big business opportunity.

7.Advertising Service  

This is so far one of the easiest ways to make money with a pickup truck. And the best part – with literally doing nothing. Here you need to cover or paint your pickup truck with the brand’s logo or posters. And the pickup truck covers will act like a moving billboard or advertisement of the brands paying for it. 

8.A Quick Handyman Service


As you’ve got your own truck, being a handyman providing service to repair damaged or broken stuff in a quick time is made to profit. You can carry all your repair kits even if you have a small pickup truck. You need to have real skill though. Only having a pickup truck does not help – sorry! 

9.Towing Service Using Pickup Truck

Junk hauling jobs for pickup trucks are great to make some bucks but you can make money by hauling out other cars in need too. Whether they are cars stuck in a ditch or cars that have broken down, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to make money by towing them when you already have a pickup truck. 

10.Food And Grocery Shopping Service

If you have to make money, then why not on something that’s never out of demand? Food – obviously! Look I love food, but waiting in line, and dealing with the crowd? – I’d rather be hungry! And trust me I’m not the only one. So why not make it a way to make money with a pickup truck? You can wait in line and get the burger or spinach whatever someone wants – you are not doing it for free! There is a lot of online food and grocery platform where you can sign up as a delivery person and earn money by delivering people their groceries or foods.

11.Pet Transportation

Here goes a paw-some idea for you if you are a paw lover just like me. Not funny? – sorry! But the point is you can earn some cash while riding with your favorite animals. Most of us have pets these days – not one or two, I’ve seen people having a couple of them. But not everyone has big cars to accommodate all of them or big ones on their way to the vets or playdates. So pet transportation can be one of the great pickup truck business ideas to make money. Every time someone can’t fit their German shepherds into their car, you’ll have the opportunity to make some money. 

12.Mobile Car Wash Service

Car Wash

Turn your pickup truck into a mobile car wash before anyone else in your locality to get the best result. If you become the first one with good skill, why will they ever drive to car wash centers when the best one in the business can come driving to them? You might need to invest a little also – you know – to buy a pressure washer, cleaning supplies, hoses, and a water tank. Despite the investments, this is no doubt, one of the coolest pickup truck business ideas – if you can execute it in the right direction.

13.Make Profit from Garage Sale

Here’s a pickup truck business idea for people with business minds. The idea is pretty simple – go to a garage sale, buy old furniture or damaged things for a cheap price, fix them, or make them look new and resell them at a much higher price. The upper hand you seem to hold over other buyers is that you got a pickup truck and they don’t. So they won’t be able to buy large stuff even if they want to and you can have them at a very cheaper price. how to make money with a pickup truck? – That’s how!

14.Offer Firewood Delivery

firewood delivery

If you are from a tropical climate country, just skip this one. This pickup truck business idea is for my folks from cold countries. In the chilly days surrounded by ice, a fireplace is everything a person looks for and you can make a pickup truck side hustle out of it. Start selling firewood, and make sure to store every kind – from oak to maple to even some kind of exotic wood – I mean literally every kind people use. You never know which one someone is into. You can make people line up for getting your woods if they are of good quality.

15.Pickup Truck Rental

Don’t have time or Don’t want to do anything with your pickup truck? Make money while doing absolutely nothing. Just rent it out to people who can’t fit their couch in their tiny sedan or have time to make money with a pickup truck. By renting out you can also earn some cash without even being behind the steering wheel. There’s no way you want to miss this!

Online Platforms to Make Money with Your Truck

You can make money by delivery service, moving service, junk removal, lawn care, and all these amazing ways. But how to get customers in the first place? – I totally get your concern! You need people to take your service first to make money from pickup truck jobs. But it’s not always possible to knock on every door and offer your service – I get it too! So I’m here with the solution already – some apps to make money with a pickup truck in some categories.

  • Some Apps for Pickup Truck Rental

Turo is a great platform for pickup truck rental service where you as a truck owner can list your vehicle and people in need can pay you to rent your truck.

Getaround is a similar peer-to-peer car-sharing platform or mobile app allowing owners to earn through short-term renting programs of a few hours or days.

Fetch is also a trustable rent-out platform for pickup truck owners and people looking for trucks in good shape. It ensures the safety of your vehicles too while being rented out.

  • Some Apps for Food And Grocery Delivery by Pickup Truck

Instacart is a platform where people can select their necessary grocery items and you as an Instacart network personal can shop for those items and fulfill their orders by delivering the groceries on your pickup truck.

Uber Eats is a food delivery platform where people can order food from different restaurants and drivers like you can deliver the food to their doorstep through this app. It’s a very popular online platform for pickup truck drivers to make money through food delivery. 

Grubhub is one of the most popular apps to make money with a pickup truck. Similar to Uber Eats, you can be their delivery person by following some simple steps and can start earning by accepting people’s food orders – only when you are available. These apps let you be your own boss. 

  • Some Apps for Pickup Truck Product Delivery

CitizenShipper is one of the best pickup truck delivery online platforms. Here people post their transportation needs and drivers like you can bid to get the work and get selected by their driver profile, ratings, and reviews. Drivers earn around $6,000 to $10,000 per month by signing up and getting the work on this platform.

uShip is a similar delivery platform where drivers can sign up and get hired according to their driving track record. It’s especially great for truck owners to have the vehicle to deliver or transport larger items across state lines.

Roadie is a very driver-friendly mobile app for delivering products. Unlike other delivery platforms, this app connects people who need to transport their items from one place to another with drivers who are already directing in that direction with other deliveries. So the benefit is – you as a pickup driver don’t need to approach them for the pickup truck job, they’ll post their gigs and you can just accept them and make money by delivering them.

There are a lot of similar online platforms for delivery products – Bungii, TaskRabbit, Dolly, GoShare, and Uber Freights – to name a few. All are great to start your delivery service with a pickup truck.

Final Words

You can first choose which service you want to provide full-time as a pickup truck job. In case you are a student or someone with other jobs, choose which service to provide as a pickup truck side hustle. While choosing think about how many hours you can give on this, whether can you do an investment – how much in case you can, the size and condition of your pickup truck, etc. I’ve given a wide option on how can you make money with a pickup truck and also some popular online platforms for it. If you really want to make money, I guess you already know which one you are into. Now just bring out your entrepreneurial spirit, hop on your sleek four-wheeler, and start making some sweet money!



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