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Setting Up The Basics & Preparing For Content – $20k Challenge Update 1

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Welcome to Update 1, of our $20k Challenge. If you don’t know what this is about, here’s a post that explains the whole thing. Basically, I am building my portfolio from scratch in 2020 and I am doing live case study updates with one of the 20 sites.

Why am I doing this? Like most of my work, there’s no solid reasoning behind it. I like writing updates – that might be one. I also think the pressure of monthly updates keeps me motivated. The biggest one would be to be able to help you. So feel free to ask any questions that you have in mind and I will do my best to answer.

Alright, let’s begin. It is December 2019ย  and the challenge should be official from January 2020. However, I have already done the basics and prepared the website for content.

When I say, I have prepared the website for content – I basically mean that the site has everything other than content at this moment.

Hi, I'mโ€‹ Khalid...

I travel the world and try to live a digital nomad life. Want premium goodies from me? For free?

Let me explain.

I have gone ahead and bought the domain on Namecheap, Hosting with WPX (read my WPX review here), I already had the Genesis themes (I use the Digital Pro theme on most of my websites) and I got a cheap logo on Fiverr.

I also had Thrive Architect, which I am a big fan of (I don’t like Elementor, don’t ask why).

My plan is to build the site using both the features that Genesis themes offer + the power of Thrive architect for some of my articles to make them look good.

I am not giving you the Analytics or Search Console screenshots for this month – as there’s nothing to see there. Yes, I have set up both Analytics and SC, however, the only traffic that the site gets is from me & my team. However, I have plans to publish at least 15,000-20,000 words of content to the site within December 2019 – which should help us get some organic visitors.

I will also give away the topic of the site. It is golf.

Do I like golf? No.

Do I have experience in the industry? Yes. Disclaimer: I have built and sold websites in the golf industry before. The last one was which I publicly discussed. I sold it for a decent 5 figure USD in the middle of 2018.

Is it a good niche?

Well, yes & no.

The products are expensive – which simply means that the commissions that I get would be higher. However, the niche is seasonal – which tells you that the site wouldn’t make much money for at least 6 months of a year. The niche is also very competitive. Every big marketer that I know is in this niche – which is fun.

Expense & Income

The site has no income now. So the income is $0 (makes things easy, doesn’t it?)

Let’s talk about expenses.

  • I have already ordered 10,000 words for the website from PJ. The cost was around $230
  • Domain: $10 (fresh domain)
  • Hosting: I use WPX 45 site plan so it is tough to do the numbers (it gets divided with other projects). Probably around $20 for one site
  • Theme & Thrive Architect (already had both)
  • Logo: $5

That’s it. So the total cost for the site so far is: $265

I will be uploading the articles before the next update goes live, so hopefully, we will have at least 10,000 words in January to that site.

I didn’t create any social profiles. However, I will create a Pinterest account at some point. I don’t really see the value of other social media for a website at this point – so I will probably end up ordering some social share services – more on that later.

Do you have a website? What’s the current status of your website? How many words in it? What’s the topic? What’s the goal for January? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Shohag Hossain Reply

    You have said that you will build 60 new sites. Is that part of it?

    • KhalidFarhan Reply

      Hi Shohag,

      I reduced it to 20 and yes, it is one of the 20.

  2. MD. Sazedur Rahman Reply

    I’m a new person here. I will start my first leed gen website this month.

  3. Mahfug Alam Reply

    Thanks your new update, waiting for the next one ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just start my 1st lead gen website from 1.5 months ago. The site already ranked 5-6 pages on google. And an interesting thing is I also ordered content from PJ when I designing the site ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. M A Halim chowdhury Reply

    still now i dont have website iam doing keyword research to find good niche then i will buy domain

  5. Mohammad Zakaria Reply

    Well, I’ve been keeping my eyes to see any sort of update on this initiative. Seems you’re very busy these days! Still thanks for the first one. I’m not leaving ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sayem Momin Reply

    Hi, Khalid Bhai, You’re always awesome for your case study session That I love. You talking about Amazon affiliates regular. But I have a wordpress themes review affiliate website. 33k words have on here. As well for that competitors are also hard. Thats why growing is slow. Can you advice get more grow up in any way for .

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