How to Start a Beauty Blog: Your Step by Step Guide

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The internet is a weirdly vast space for everything and anything that we can think of. Blogging is just a piece of the puzzle and it is an old piece. Though everyone and their dog has a blog now, blogging industry is still going strong with more than 500 million blogs live right now. 

So you’re planning to start your own blog, fair enough. You think deep and decide that the fashion and beauty niche are your strong suits but you don’t exactly know how to do things from the beginning. That’s where this article should come into play as we will discuss ‘how to start a beauty blog‘ today. 


No matter which niche you choose writing can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. Especially when you start to think that actual people will start reading what you do anytime soon.

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But if you’re here then we know that you’re already almost all IN and you are ready to learn. Writing a beauty blog may not be easy simply because there are a lot of people writing all sorts of articles about too. So? How do you stand out? Keep on reading. Also, we have an in depth article about how to write product reviews if you are into that. 

Step 1: Come up with a NAME 

Let’s start with something simple, pick the name for your blog! Picking a name first will give a sense of concept for what you are about to do and also identity. A good name is something that embodies who you are as a person and what you are trying to accomplish to do.

A good brain exercise on coming up with a name is listing down all related words or phrases that pop up in your mind. Say for example (elegant, radiance, chic, the real me, this is me, look good, confidence, lipstick, make up) the list can go on for several pages but you get the gist of it.

Usually, the best names you can come up with is the one that pops up of your mind in just a few minutes. You just feel it in your gut that it’s the right name for you.

Some famous beauty blog names are Temptalia, Allure, Into the Gloss, so catchy, right? Try to come up with your own. Take note originality is everything.

Plus, when your name is unique it’s not just for the sake of being unique it’s also technically advantageous, why? Because the more unique your name is the higher the chances that it’s not taken yet as a domain.

Pro Tip: I use Lean Domain Search to find available domain options when I am thinking about new blog ideas.

If you’re not tech-savvy or just learning, a domain is your internet address and is the location of your soon to be website (like is mine). So with possibly billions of users online you should own that space right away, and you can only do so if your domain name is not yet taken thus it should be unique.

Check my recommended domain and hosting providers here. 

Take your time come up with a name first, maybe use a day for it, scribble, unwind, we’re confident that you’ll come up with it in no time. Remember, you can’t change the name after a few months – so this is a crucial step. 

Develop theme and brand

We are going to take it up a notch but don’t worry as daunting as it may sound or look. Creating a brand is fun and since you decided to write then you may already have unknowingly developed it.

But let me first emphasize that creating your brand is not all the aesthetics. Nope, not all of that. I’m not talking about choosing a theme on WordPress either. I’m talking about a unique idea that when people think about the first thing that pops up on their mind is YOU!

I mentioned that you may have unknowingly done it already because your brand is you, what you are trying to accomplish and how you are going to do so. You are unique so that’s your brand!

The way you say things and the things that you plan to discuss. A product of your processes. So apply all of that. Choose a color, choose a font, choose an overall design, a logo, symbol, and anything that suits your style.

It’s all about how you present yourself and your work. That’s your BRAND!

Choose a platform

By platform, we mean the CMS where you are going to put up your blog posts. Most people will choose WordPress and I would strongly recommend that as well. If you really don’t have any idea about setting up sites – you might look at Squarespace but please, do some research about WordPress as I am sure you will get the hang of it within an hour. 

WordPress is easy to use, easy to set up and is just generally user friendly. Not just for bloggers but audiences of different niche accesses it easily too.

It’s got a lot of perks too, it’s got a lot of themes to choose from, better SEO, are mobile responsive, and are adaptable to any changes in the digital landscape.

Start writing!

Yep, the exclamation point is intended to emphasize the most important part of this process. START WRITING! Needless to say, if you don’t start typing using your keyboard on that empty word sheet then nothing will happen.

No matter how great a website’s design, logo, icons, fonts are – people come to consume the actual content (in this case, the written text). So content should be the utmost priority.

Gather your thoughts, take a deep breath, and start jotting down words as they turn into sentences and paragraphs until you’re done.

This might also be a good time to start diving a little into keyword research to know what type of content you should be producing but don’t worry too much about it for now. Write the first 20-30 blogs from your heart. Don’t think about marketing, SEO or anything at all.

This may be a lot easier for experienced writers already but blog posts are still a bit different so it’s a learning process. Read similar blogs if you will to get an idea of how to do it. Structure your blog, check your syntax and grammar, and most importantly pour all of your heart and knowledge to it, no holding back.

Read and re-read what you’ve written until you’re satisfied with it then move on to our next step.

Some topic to write about in the beauty niche:

  • My Makeup Collection
  • Makeup Storage
  • Products I Can’t Live Without
  • Full Face Under $100
  • Makeup Brushes You Need
  • My Fragrance Collection
  • Skincare Routine
  • Everyday Makeup Routine
  • Recent Purchases

Develop process

This section is more or less a supplementary to the previous one which is all about starting to write your first blog.

Develop a ritual, schedule your day, don’t procrastinate, and be on time. Through a firm yet flexible process, you should be more productive. When laziness strikes just remember what made you started to begin with and that should a boost of energy.

Start posting

Once your platform is all set up, themes are chosen, aesthetics in place, blog posts ready to upload then all that’s left to do is to start posting.

When developing your process earlier you should have also already determined a good day of the week and time to post your blogs so go ahead and follow that plan.

Research suggests that Monday around 11 AM or Saturday mornings are the best time to upload a blog. It’s not about quantity but quality and timing.

Some of the best beauty blogs are as follows for your reference: The Sunday Girl, BASE, Caroline Hirons, A Model Recommends, and Madeleine Loves. The list goes on!


Nowadays it’s much easier to get the word out on your target audience, but of course, competition is tougher. The best way to go is still Social Media.

It’s a no brainer, everyone is in social media. You may use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Pinterest is another social media that you should be active on – especially as beauty niches thrive there. 

Follow beauty influencers to get ideas on how to do so. Some top beauty influencers are Huda Kattan, Genelle Seldon, James Charles, Kandee Johnson, and Em Ford. Take your pick.

Don’t forget to study, play around with the social media platform’s algorithm, get the flow and you should be on top.


Now that people are coming to your blog (slowly but they will come), why not earn some extra bucks while doing what you love? This is a great way not only to earn but also to maintain your blog and keep you going. Who knows? You might be a big hit.

Affiliate Marketing

Use your product knowledge and write reviews about them. It’s easy and authentic because you use them every day already. Amazon Associates is easy to use and every time your readers click on your link and it leads to a sale then you’ll get a percentage of that. I have had case studies before about monetizing websites


If you’ve already gained followers then businesses will come to you to display their products in. you may earn money through advertising. Google adsense is the easiest one to get started with. 

Sell your own Products

Because why not? If you’re successful enough then why not sell your very own product through your blogs? Once you’ve built credibility then people will surely flock to your site and purchase what you endorse.

Explore other Platforms

Making online videos as companion pieces to your blog posts should be an effective way to go. Especially when it comes to beauty products that are quite demonstrable and are fun to play around with.

Some top Beauty Vloggers are:

    • Nikkie Tutorials / Beauty Youtuber
    • Tati / Makeup Youtuber
    • Shaaanxo / New Zealand Beauty Youtuber
    • Wayne Goss
    • Manny Mua



A Few Tips for writing in general:

Before we even begin with your beauty blog let’s talk about some basic tips on how to start writing first because that should be the majority of what you are going to do.


  • Identify your strength


By this time you’ve already done so but let’s backtrack a little bit. This just simply means that you write what you want to read, or you write about the things that you are passionate about. This way you will never get bored, burned out, or run out of ideas!

Once you are passionate about the topic you are writing for may it be a blog or a story you will always have the fuel to push forward.


  • Have a solid and disciplined writing schedule


I know writers, in general, don’t want to be restricted in terms of schedule because it messes up their artistic rhythm but sometimes having a somewhat strict schedule for when to write and when to do other things helps a lot.

Try to at least plan a schedule for when you will write so that you are solely focusing on writing during that period and won’t be a victim of procrastination. Trust me we all are.


  • Develop a routine or “ritual”


This may sound superstitious and you may be a logical kind of person but trust me having a series of rituals before writing especially if you are writing creative work helps a lot to channel your inner focus and creative juices. 

We are not talking about killing a chicken and draining its blood kind of ritual (but whatever floats your boat *wink) but we are talking about eating or maybe exercising before sitting down and writing. Trust us on this, it helps and those creative juices will flow in no time.


  • Research if you must


You may not like it but writing involves a lot of research, watch a movie, read books, go outside and live life. You can’t always rely on stock knowledge alone even if you already are an expert in beauty and wellness. Sometimes research helps in credibility and it’s also quite prudent.


  • Just write


And lastly, JUST WRITE! Sometimes the hardest step is the first one, the hardest sentence or paragraph to write is the beginning. So don’t be afraid and just go ahead and write whatever it is on your mind. Any start is a good start. Go for it!

Writing is food for the soul and it would feel much better if you know that people are reading and benefiting from what you are doing. If the writing is heartfelt then the audience would feel it too.

Whether it’s a story, novel, movie or blog you are writing it doesn’t matter it all works the same. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time reading our article on how to start a beauty blog for we sure enjoyed preparing it just for you!

As always keep on writing and with anything that you do, enjoy it to the full.

I am Khalid, a blogger and a geek when it comes to anything related to online marketing. Stay connected to me. Leave a comment if you like my articles.


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