Authority Journey Episode 3: Who’s The Best Hosting Provider In 2018?

We bought a domain in episode 2, remember?

Today is episode 3 and we will be buying our hosting. It is 2018 now so happy new year to all of you. 2018 is going to be awesome. My new year’s resolution for this year is to work like a donkey and not think about outcomes at all. I am turning 25 and I have understood that these are the best years of my work life. I can always relax later if I want to later on (I don’t really enjoy relaxing either).

Anyway, back to reality.

There are two companies that I vouch for when it comes to hosting. There are multiple reasons and yes, net neutrality is also one of them. But that’s not the primary one.

The company that I now recommend everyone for hosting is Siteground. They are not the cheapest like some of those $1 hosting companies but you can be assured that your site is not going to die in the middle of the day for no reason. Obviously, the live chat support is there but that’s there for a lot of other companies and it is not a big deal anymore.

I was a big advocate of Namecheap too and then they ended up doing weird maintenance schedules. Don’t get me wrong, they are still a very good hosting company for the price that you have to pay but I think Siteground’s $3/month deal is worth it.

Another pro tip: When you are buying a hosting, don’t buy a big package thinking that you will end up getting millions of visitors from the 2nd day on your website. It doesn’t work like that. When you will get more visitors, you can always upgrade your hosting so there’s no real point of buying a costly package from the very first date.

Who’s The Best Hosting Provider in 2018?

I am not going to create a review section here because frankly, I haven’t used all the hosting companies out there. Most websites create a table with stars and ratings to get those juicy affiliate commissions, I will try to stay honest.

Focus on Net Neutrality 

It is pretty certain that Net Neutrality will hit the US market in next 2 years. The possibility is very high that hosting companies are going to take the most of it by paying to be on the ‘first lane’ of internet. I would definitely stay with a hosting company that I think is big enough to achieve that. Yes, you can always shift hosting companies even at the dead end but I never liked moving (life advice) and I would stay with one hosting from the beginning.

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Fast Speed

This is a no brainer. The thing is, I don’t know about you guys, but wherever I host my sites, the speed pretty much used to look the same to me. So I decided to ran a weird test.

How about we judge the hosting companies on the speed of their homepage loading time and then decide?

I will be using GTmetrix for this test. Let’s start with Namecheap.

namecheap loading speed

The ideal page load time according to Google is 3 seconds or less. Namecheap loads at 4.4s. I will let you decide if it’s good or bad.

Let’s try Siteground now.

Siteground loading speed

The loading speed is a bit better and the page size is way lower.

As this is fun, let’s do it for a few other companies too. What about Bluehost?

bluehost loading speed

I have never been a fan of Bluehost and let me clearly tell you the reason that why people recommend Bluehost. They offer the most when it comes to affiliate commissions. That’s why. Period.

Anyway, as we are picking Siteground for our project, let’s not continue this game. You can play it on your own hours. I should also tell you that this is not a scientific method of testing web hosting companies. Load speed may vary depending on a lot of factors, but it is the simplest way of knowing who to go for.

If they can’t offer themselves great speed, how would they do the same with you?


Support is very very important to me. I am not a tech guy and I don’t know the meaning of all those technical terms. I enjoy doing one click WordPress installs and I hate FTP, the old ways of installing sites. Therefore, I like to go with a company that has a 24/7 support. Pretty much all the good hosting companies now offer you live chat support for 24/7. If you are a pro you might not need it but for me, it is a must.

Uptime Guarantee

I am not going to go away from reality. It doesn’t really matter if your site is down for an hour in 6 months when you are just a beginner. Nobody is coming to your website anyways, right? Having said that, it doesn’t really justify Namecheap’s weird maintenance schedules. I would always go with companies that offer 99% uptime guarantees.


This would be my last one and every hosting company is pretty much on the same ground with this in 2018. It should be easy to do everything. We have passed those times when it used to cost thousands of dollars and time to launch a website. We now think of an idea and start a business on the next day which is awesome. I want my hosting to support that mentality. Whether it is installing my SSL certificate or just a simple query about something technical, I want somebody to be there to answer my questions and the ease of being with that hosting company should be there all the time.

Now let’s get back to real life. I am taking the basic start up plan of Siteground for our Authority project. When we start seeing positive results (10k visitors a month), we might upgrade to the next one. That’s for later though.

Now my task would be to design the site. I am a terrible designer but I am not going to take help from my team as I want to do everything like it is 2012.

I will keep on updating you.



One comment on “Authority Journey Episode 3: Who’s The Best Hosting Provider In 2018?

  1. Md Razzab Ali says:

    It is awesome to me. However, I have registered domain from namecheap under your referral but couldn’t buy still as I have no credit/debit or master card. My cart is ready for $51.90. I have request you to buy a domain and hosting for me several times but you din’t response. I have also asked in our group for help but positive response is not coming. My details are inbox to you. Please help me to by a domain from Namecheap and hosting from Siteground. I would be grateful to you and your group.
    Best regards.

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