Authority Journey Episode 1: Selecting Our Topic Of Site

In case if you don’t know what this is all about, I started a journey of creating an authority website a while back. You can find the announcement and first episode here. The idea is fairly simple. I am creating a website that will make money online and I am sharing every piece of information with you in the process.

In today’s update, we will talk about the importance of selecting the right topic for your website.

Selecting topic is a very tricky thing for most digital entrepreneurs. If I talk about my personal experience with website creators, the most common issue that I saw is either going too left or right when selecting a topic. What do I mean by that?

There are 4 key points that you need to keep in consideration while selecting the topic of your website.

  • It has to be interesting to you
  • You have to be able to offer enough value
  • It has to have an audience
  • Most importantly, it has to solve a problem

Now please focus.

I know what many “gurus” will tell you. It doesn’t really matter whether you have interest in a particular topic or not. If you see ‘potential’, go for it. That’s crap. If you don’t have interest, you will not run that website for more than 6 months. I have been there on multiple occasions and I know how it plays out. Interest is very important.

The second point is being able to offer enough value. Suppose, I am super interested in soccer (I only like Barcelona in real life). Do I know more about soccer than anybody out there? No, I don’t. Can I answer more soccer questions that most people in a pub on any given date? Nope!

Therefore, would it be a good idea to start a website around soccer?


The third point is having an audience to target. This is again very important and this goes back to the rule of MVP (minimum viable product). One of the major rules of starting a startup is having a TAM that’s big enough. In case if you are not familiar with TAM, it represents total addressable market.

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Off topic: There’s a brilliant book called Disciplined Entrepreneurship that illustrates 24 steps  of starting a startup. I recommend reading it. In your case, the startup would be your website. That’s the only difference.

Now, what’s the forth point? That’s being able to solve a problem. Now, the problem doesn’t have to be a super huge one. You don’t have to solve the problem of transportation like Uber with your website. You can solve the problem of getting good cat food reviews for elderly cats with a website. See how we go to niche audience?

That’s the power of a website and that’s where you will be able to thrive. You can obviously go big and try to talk about all sorts of cat foods on your website. However, the best idea would be to go as niche as possible. That way, you are reducing your competition and you are becoming an authority on a very small topic. Remember, people like to listen to the authority and not a generalist. One reason, my company Passive Journal saw massive success is because we only focused on Amazon affiliate marketers on that business, not even all affiliate marketers. That helps.

Having said that, if you are confident and if you think you have the skills to go broad, you can always do that too. My suggestion at this point would be to keep it simple with a vision to go big later on.

Now that we are done with the theory. What is it that we are going to do from here?

Before I started writing this article, I have already decided my topic for the project. It is going to be “Living in Ireland as a student”. The website will mostly target students but it will also try to target other segments (tourists for example) later on once the site goes big.

As I am done selecting my topic, let’s also create all the episode titles so that I don’t become confused. I tend to forget how I want to structure something if I don’t write it.

  • Episode 0: Announcement
  • Episode 1: Topic Selection
  • Episode 2: All about Domains + Getting our domain
  • Episode 3: All about Hosting + getting our hosting
  • Episode 4: Designing our site

December is almost over. I am still in Bangladesh, enjoying an awesome time here. My flight to Dublin is on January 13th and I already hate the idea of going back haha.

I think I will post the next update a week from now.

Cheers everyone

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