Creating An Authority Website To Make Money: Episode 0

I am assuming you don’t know me. That’s alright (hurts a bit though). I have actually ran case studies like these before on some of my other blogs. They were transparent and so will this one be. The idea is very simple. I want to create an authority website in 2018 which will make money online.

How much?

I don’t know. I don’t really care about that at this moment (call me ‘goal-less’). However, if this site goes up to 2-4k/month by the end of 2018, I would call it a success.

What’s the plan?

I will be building an authority website to make money in 2018 and beyond and I will also be showing you every single process that I am going through to make it happen. I will keep on publishing blog posts here on KhalidFarhan.com on a weekly basis to help you understand what’s happening.

What do I want from you in return?


Please understand that I am actually doing it for myself and not for you. The reason that I am blogging about the whole experience is to keep myself on my toes. I know if I don’t blog about it, I will be slow and eventually, I might end up not finishing the site at all. I am a lazy guy who loves to wake up late in the morning.

But NO!

Now I have all of you to push me forward. Let’s do this together and I am sure, we will have our final smiles at the end of the day (read year).

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Episode 0 is all about the announcement. I don’t know what the site will be about at this point, I don’t know what the goals of the specific site will be but we will figure it out together.

Here’s the budget that I will have for this project:

Wait for it.

It is $500 

Yes, you read it right. It will be only $500 and there’s reason behind that.

I have been involved in Internet marketing for a long time now and those of you who read my life story already know about all those. I can actually not do anything new and try to focus on the businesses that I have at this moment but that’s not exciting enough. At the same time, I want to give back to the community. This seems like a win-win for me.

I will be able to give back to the wonderful community and at the same time, I will also be owning a blog that makes money.

How cool is that?

Today is December 13th and I am actually in Bangladesh for my Christmas holidays. I will again go back to Dublin on mid-January but we will get started with the website within this week.

Consider this article the first post + announcement of the journey. Over the weeks ahead, I will tell you how I am doing this, literally from buying a domain to getting that payment, I will show it all.

Before we go ahead and start working, it is important to fix some schedules. I will also try to talk about this journey on our podcast but it will be more of a blog post based series.

Here’re the things that I will do this week:

  • Leave from all the food and tech groups on FB. They kill a lot of my time
  • Spend less time watching Friends over and over again

That’s pretty much it. I am not a spoiled kid. The only tension that I have at this moment is the fact that I have other businesses and they require my attention. Otherwise, I would be able to focus more on this Authority Website journey. However, let’s take it as a challenge. There’s nothing that we cannot do if we hustle enough.

A bit more about my personal scenario at this moment. I am home here in Bangladesh, seeing my mom after 3 months was amazing. I don’t really show emotions. But it feels great. Also, when I am in Ireland, I cook and eat (I am terrible at it). My mom is an amazing cook so I will surely gain weight in this 1 month phase.

We don’t celebrate Christmas here in Bangladesh. That gives me more opportunities to work and to work hard. That’s exactly what I am going to do with this Authority website journey.

Wish me luck in the comments. I really need it (+ I want to know you a bit more).

Thank you for always being there with my blog.

2 comments on Creating An Authority Website To Make Money: Episode 0

  1. Liton Das says:

    Wow, I think it’s a great opportunity for us if we consider our time with you.

  2. Ahsan says:

    Great time spending with this blog from now on i hope. Please update us on regular basis so we also can up to the mark with you.

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