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Male Product Blog Case Study #3 (I Sold The Site for $2000

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In case if you didn’t read case study 1 or case study 2, a good idea would be to touch those first before starting this one.

A quick summary:

I started the site in December, 2018. Being a lazy bitch, I didn’t do much other than publishing content and doing on page for the site.

Here’re the numbers till June, 2019:

Hi, I'm​ Khalid...

I travel the world and try to live a digital nomad life. Want premium goodies from me? For free?

As you can see, I spent roughly around $1380 USD till June and made $193 from the site. I was still running on a net loss of $1187 USD.

At the same time, I was heavily investing both time and money in our SEO services. Just to give you some perspective, our SEO Service already did more than $80,000 USD so far this year (till the end of July, 2019)

As I wasn’t getting time to work on my male product blog, I thought, I should probably sell it!

And that’s what I did.

I ended up selling the website for $2000 USD.

Adding the profit of $193 to that, I made, in total $2193 USD from the site in terms of revenue. Cutting down the investment of $1380 USD, I made an actual profit of $813 from the site.

Was it worth it?


I should have either invested more time into it or I shouldn’t have done it in the first place. It wasn’t worth my time for the $813 USD.

However, I at least got three blog post out of it, so that’s good.

The new buyer is a big name in the affiliate space (I can’t reveal more details, unfortunately) and I am sure, the site will do well with them.

I know my plan was to break into $500/month by December, 2019 but I simply got distracted with opportunities and shiny objects.

This makes me think whether building a new content heavy website is worth my time anymore.

I don’t think it is.

But I will of course, keep on building some, simply because I like the process.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is fairly easy to build a website and sell it for $2000-$3000 USD in 6-7 months if you know what you are doing
  • The authority website industry is booming. Everyone’s interested in buying websites
  • You don’t need to go with a broker like Flippa or Empire Flippers if you have a smaller site. Email a few big names and you will be able to sell your site quite easily.
  • Spend time on your social profiles. The site was getting roughly 30,000 impressions on Pinterest when I sold it and I think it really helped in the selling process.

What Next?

I am actually already in the middle of a keyword research for another website. The last big site I sold was in 2018. I haven’t sold any big sites in 2019 and I don’t think I will either (simply because I don’t have a big one in my portfolio at this moment).

However, I am going to build a fresh big site targeting an exit in mid 2020. If you want updates about that, let me know in the comments and I will be happy to share more information with you.

So yes, our male product blog journey ends here. Leave a comment if you read all three updates.


  1. Arafat Rahman Reply

    Yes, would be interested in updates about your next authority / niche site project…

  2. Mehedi Hasan Reply

    It’s a good job.I want to buy Your course after Eid. So please don’t stop to take student in your course before Eid. I want your Anwar about it.

    • KhalidFarhan Reply

      It should be available after Eid Mehedi. Don’t worry

  3. Thanks for sharing the real life and inspiring experience. Few suggestions like selling small sites directly will be very helpful for us. Awaiting newer strategies and updates.

  4. Khalid bhai , you are the best. Your good thoughts of helping newbie is great.

    • Anisul Islam Reply

      Thanks for sharing. Your case study will help the newcomers to take proper mental preparation.
      Eagerly waiting for 2020 project.

  5. Jashim Uddin Reply

    I have already finished reading the three update on Male Product Blog. I also eagerly waiting to know the update on your new sites. Thank you.

  6. Good job but in the meantime I am shocked that you are sold your website.

  7. Hi. I love your site. May I know what wordpress theme you have used? Thanks.

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