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Male Product Blog (Authority Website Update Q1,2019)

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So I started to build a new authority website back in late 2018. I haven’t built a new website for quite sometime as I am happy with how things are moving. My SEO service is doing well and so are the parts of my business.

I also had a decent exit from a moderate sized website ( back in early 2018.

As I don’t spend much, other than occasional traveling, I save a big portion of my income anyways, which is why, I don’t feel the urge of building a new website.

However, I love building and ranking new websites. Digital Marketing is what I am passionate about.

Hi, I'm​ Khalid...

I travel the world and try to live a digital nomad life. Want premium goodies from me? For free?

So there it was. I decided to build a new website around a male product (can’t specify the name as I don’t want more competition).

This is a Q1 update (January 2019-April 2019) for that website.

Disclaimer: Though I am doing a Q1, 2019 update, I actually started the site in November, 2018. I didn’t do much other than buying the domain and setting up the WordPress so we can all agree to consider Jan 19 a formal start, right?

December, 2018

I bought my domain on Namecheap and the hosting from Siteground. These are two companies that I 100% recommend for any newbies (or experienced IMs) as they have the best customer support in my opinion.

Domains cost $10/year and I went with the Siteground Basic that costs $3.95/month. I had a few hiccups with the company but they resolved everything for me quite quickly.

Then I went ahead and bought a logo from Fiverr. The cost was $5 and I liked it.

Once I had my domain, hosting and logo, I simply did a WP install. I am using a Generate Press theme for this website, but any good theme will work just fine for you as long as it is mobile friendly and light.

That was it for January.

December Income: $0 USD

December Expenses: $104 (domain, hosting, logo and theme)

January, 2019

This was an important month as I did my keyword research on January. I already explained how I do my keyword research here, and if you follow that process, you can almost always win the battle with Google.

I found roughly 150 keywords to target. They all have a search volume of around 100-5000 searches/month. I didn’t pick anything that had less than 100 searches or more than 5000 searches for this project.

Of course, I will not be targeting all those keywords at once. That would require a HUGE budget and I am not rich (housing expense in Dublin is crazy).

I also designed the site this month. I did it myself which is what I would always recommend if you have time. I didn’t have time but I still chose to not using my team. However, I wouldn’t recommend that.

Once I had my keywords ready, I went ahead and did a content order here. You can either use the same service or find a good freelancer on places like Upwork.

Ah, I also installed all the important plugins that I need during January. If you need a list of plugins, let me know in the comments and I will update the article.

Here’s what the Website traffic looked like in January:

January Income: $0

January Expenses: $600 (all on content, rounded up)

February, 2019

February was a busy month. I started receiving my content late January and also started publishing on the same month.

I also bought a plugin called AAWP which has allowed me to simplify the process of affiliate linking as affiliate revenue is going to be one of the main revenue sources for the website.

I published my articles that I received (around 25,000 words) and linked to Amazon for specific products using that plugin.

This is also the same month when I started tracking rankings. Here’s what the rankings looked like by the end of February:

february keyword ranking 2019
February Rankings, Male Product Blog

Posting a bunch of articles alone will not get the rankings for you. You will have to make sure that you are targeting specific keywords that have low search volume and moderate competition.

Also, the content has to be of GREAT quality. There’s no exception to that.

I also went ahead and added the site to Google Analytics and Search Console. I manually indexed every single page on Search Console as that speeds up the indexation process.

I would recommend that you do the same.

I also created a Facebook page, a Pinterest and a Twitter profile and an Instagram account for this website. I am not super active on any of these platforms yet but I have plans to use Pinterest later on.

I started using Amazon’s affiliate program as a monetization strategy for the site since February, 2019. Here’s what February dashboard looked like:

earning february 2019
February Earnings, 2019

As you can imagine, we didn’t create bank in February with $15.27 but it is still a start.

Here’s what the traffic looked like in February:

February Income: $15.27

February Expenses: $700 (Content & Plugin)

March, 2019

March was no different than February. I very quickly realized that I don’t have anything different to do in March other than publishing articles with proper on page SEO.

Let me know in the comments if you need a separate on page SEO guide and I will try to publish one if there’s enough interest.

I published 6 articles in March and here’s the income from Amazon’s affiliate program:

March Earnings, 2019

I didn’t order anymore content during March as I was in London on a short trip and didn’t get much time. However, I managed to publish everything that I had in my inventory.

Here’s what the traffic looked like in March

March Income: $53.11

March Expenses: 0

April, 2019

I will be honest with you. I didn’t do anything on the site in April, 2019 and I don’t plan to do anything massive either.

I became lazy and got busy with things. I also did a quick trip to Nottingham and have a week long trip planned to Chezch republic and Austria (you will find photos if you are following me on Instagram).

I am writing this part of the article on April 16th and I will take the rest of the month off. So the stats I will show you will have data till mid April.

I only published one article that I had pending from February, did little on page and that was it.

Here’s the income screenshot till mid April.

earning april 2019

I am hopeful that we will hit $100 mark this April but I am not too confident as it doesn’t look like we will.

I will keep you posted about this with the Q2 report.

Here’s what the traffic looks like in April (till 15th April)

April Income: $38.56

April Expenses: $0

Profit & Loss in Quarter 1

I see a lot of us don’t think about websites as a business. That’s a wrong way to look at things. Your website is your business and a business will need investment.

  • In quarter 1, we spent $1404 USD for the website (we didn’t count the value of our time)
  • We earned $106.96 USD during the same phase.
  • Net Loss: $1297.04 USD

SEO on Q1, 2019

I didn’t do any SEO for this site (other than the regular on page SEO that the content service guys did for me) yet.

This was the plan as I don’t think SEO will have much impact on a site in it’s early days. If you are building a fresh website, I will recommend that you don’t focus on SEO for the first 6 months. Simply keep on publishing quality content and keep on doing social shares and everything that a natural blogger would do.

Though we didn’t build backlinks, we got a few already, thanks to the page 1 keywords. These websites found us naturally and linked to us.

Here’s what Semrush says about the site (till April 16th, 2019):

As you can see from this screenshot above, the site started to pick up from March, though the number of backlink is bare minimum. I also checked the backlinks manually. Most of those are coming from image sharing websites which doesn’t have good authority.

However, the organic search traffic is growing which is a good sign.

Here’s an Analytics overview of data from January 2019-April 2019 to show you the growth:

Here’s what the CTR looks like from Search Console during the same phase:

Plans for Quarter 2, 2019

To be honest, I think, everything is going in the right direction. I don’t want to force anything as I am not in any rush.

The site now has roughly 40,000 words of content in it (15 articles) and my plan is to grow it to 200,000 words during May 2019-August 2019.

Again, I don’t plan to do any off page SEO before August, 2019. However, I will spend a good amount of time digging Pinterest during Q2.

Actually, you know what, I might end up doing one or two off page SEO campaigns to get some quality backlinks if I get time before August. However, my first target would be to get traffic from Pinterest.

If you have any questions, simply write it in the comments, be descriptive and I will happily help you out. I have done it time and time again, so I know exactly how things should move, however, i know how daunting it is if you are new. You don’t have to walk that path alone (well, you will have to but we can help).

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