SERP Competition Analyzer

Know how many words to write, what to write & the exact H2, H3, Alt Text & keywords to use in your content, even before you start writing it. Introducing SERP Competition Analyzer

Step 1: Data Input

Once logged in, this is where you will put your keyword, title & the URLs of 3-5 competitors who are currently ranking on page 1 for the keywords that you want to rank for.  

Step 2: Analyze Phase

Once you are ready, simply click 'Add Serp' and the tool will take approximately 5 minutes to analyze your competitors and prepare your data report. 

Step 3: Data Dashboard

The tool will now tell you how many words should you write (average of your competitors + 20%), keyword appearance average on your competitor pages, number of images on averages/competitor, videos & if they used schema or not. 

The tool will also give you a list of all the H1s, H2s, H3s & alt texts that the competitors are using, so that you can incorporate as many of them as possible, within your piece.

A Video Overview

How I Use The Tool

Before I ask our content team to write an article, I run the keywords via this tool to get a list of average word, all the H2s, H3s & alt texts of my competitors. I then remove all the redundant H2s, H3s and alt texts from the list. I also ignore the speed (being honest) & the video count at this stage, however, I make sure that I also use Schema if any of my competitors are using it. 

Once I have the data ready in an excel file, I simply forward it to my content team who then produces an epic piece that can beat any of my competitors. 


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