Hi, I’m Khalid Farhan

Beautiful Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia & that’s where I am from.
Being an only child in a broken family doesn’t help – but I have had an awesome life and things turned out just fine.
I had a lot of friends when I was in school – and if given a chance, those are the days I would want back. Playing cricket without a bit of worry all day, reading storybooks in the dark damaging your eyes, good old days.
I was entrepreneurial from my school days – the first business, as I remember was renting books to friends for pocket money which I started with a friend.
There’s a saying – How come you don’t know you are in the good old days, when you are in the good old days.
I am getting old, nostalgic and I think about that every day now.


I had an idea back in 2011!
What if we sell pet food, toys, and accessories online to pet parents in Bangladesh?
I know it sounds silly and it doesn’t sound like an amazing idea when you think about it now. However, I am talking about 2010 when smartphones just arrived and buying from the internet wasn’t a thing in Bangladesh.
Facebook was getting popular and I thought, let’s start a FB page and see where it goes.
& That’s what I did.
I had 5000 BDT saved up from freelance work and I bought some unique collars & ties for cats along with some dog whistles from eBay. It took 3 months to arrive in Bangladesh. I launched the page with all the photos and hah! There it was.
I became an entrepreneur.
I won’t bore you with the details. Being the first e-pet accessories store in Bangladesh, we did nice revenue numbers (around 50,000 BDT/month). and I eventually ended up selling the business for a 4X multiple.
Do I miss the days when I used to personally deliver products to customers’ houses?
I don’t.
But I loved every bit of it.


I was doing my BSc in Marketing from North South University around 2013. I was also working as a freelance writer on a marketplace called Odesk (now known as Upwork). Getting $1 for every 500 words was a dream and I was achieving my dream, life was good. And then I slowly got into SEO – search engine optimization.
I started working as an SEO expert and things got a little better from the $1/500 word days. Eventually, I came across people like Patt Flynn, Spencer Haws and saw that you could build a website, fill it up with content, rank it, and make money.
I started doing that (my background in content and SEO helped)
I sold my first website for $4500 in 2016 and I never looked back. Digital became my thing.
I then went on and got my MSc in Digital Marketing, became one of the top-rated freelancers in the world when it comes to SEO & started my agencies – which are now doing over 2M USD/year in revenue.


I now live in Dublin, Ireland. Came here in 2017 to do my MSc with Trinity College Dublin and been living here since.
I try to spend 2 months in Bangladesh every year, I also try to travel as much as possible. You know what I am talking about if you follow me on Instagram (watch out for those Insta stories)
Dublin is cold, its soggy, but people are nice and I have built a home here. I got two cats.
I am not a fan of Guinness though – sorry about that if you are Irish.
Thanks for reading this. You are awesome.