About Me

I am glad that you found time to read my ‘about me’ section. I am Khalid & it is very nice to meet you. I consider myself a digital marketer & an internet entrepreneur.

What does that even mean?

It means that I earn from internet, be it digital marketing consultation, my websites, affiliate marketing or my business Passive Journal. I started all these when I was in school back in 2012. I was living in a small country in South East Asia called Bangladesh.

It was great times. I started as a writer and I used to work in freelance marketplaces like Upwork & Freelancer back then. The pay was low but it didn’t even occur to me that way.

The benefit of living in a third world country is that you make a decent money even if it is nothing in North American standards. a hundred bucks/week would give you a decent life (not rich but enough) in Bangladesh.

Anyway, that was the beginning.

I have then moved to digital marketing, sold a couple of websites and created a six figure business around internet marketing called Passive Journal.

Passive Journal has taught me more than the business school did. In our country, people go crazy about getting a job from the first year of their college. Fortunately, I graduated my bachelors with a dream business and I kept on working.

Long story short. I then moved to Ireland last year to pursue my MSc in Digital Marketing from Trinity College Dublin. I am almost done with that too. I have been a remote business owner all my life. We have 15 employees and all of them work on their own hours, from the comfort of their home.

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I am still working as the head of operations for Passive Journal. At the same time, I am always exploring new opportunities. Life has been good to me and I am grateful as always.


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