About Me

What do I do for living? I get that question a lot. 

Where it is very common for people to become adults after their 18th birthday and start living on their own money since then, it’s not like that in our part of the world (I am from Bangladesh but this is constant throughout Asia). 

We like living with our parents and taking their money till we finish our undergrad and get a job. At least, that’s the path for most people. 

As far as I can remember, I took my last sum of pocket money from my mom in the year 2013. I was 20 years old back then. 

Now, what do I do for living then? There’s a few avenues at this moment of me generating money. One common theme that you will see among digital entrepreneurs is more than one stream of revenue coming to their accounts and it’s the same with me. 

Here’s How I Make My Living

Let me quickly list my income sources, of course, there will be more from time to time and I will try to keep this page updated.

Internet Marketing Services

I started our internet marketing agency, Passive Journal (which is now redirected to my own blog as I believe in personal branding) back in June, 2016. A decent portion of my yearly revenue comes from the internet marketing services I sell like SEO, Consultation & more. You can try my SEO Service here.


I created 4 courses on Udemy back in 2017. I don’t look at the courses anymore and I don’t offer support their either. However, as Udemy is huge, I get a decent payout every month for new enrollments. I got about 12,000 students there.

Internet Marketing University

Passive Journal University / Internet Marketing Univeristy was created to help Bangladesh start internet marketing & help them make money online. It is our flagship course in Bengali language. Currently the price is about a one time fee of $150 (changes time to time).


I am a top rated freelancer on Upwork. I still work on random projects related to SEO & Digital Marketing there. I charge $25/hour now and I always try to do one/two projects a month on Upwork.

Affiliate Revenue

As you probably saw, I recommend products that I personally use and like from time to time. This includes everything from marketing tools to travel services. I sometimes, get a cut on those.

Places I Got Mentioned In

There’s more…..

My Case Studies

I am constantly starting / buying/ selling new websites. You can find all those case studies (for free) using the button above.

I think that’s pretty much it. I probably missed a few micro ones but they are not significant and carry a very small percentage of the pie. Therefore, they can be neglected.

Personally, I still would like to think of myself as a Digital Marketer. I like helping businesses grow and nothing gives makes me happier than a random call from a client who grew a certain percentage thanks to my personal or our company efforts.

Academically, I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2017 which was done in Bangladesh and was in Marketing. Then I went ahead and did my MSc in Digital Marketing from Trinity College Dublin.

I can’t say any of those has helped a lot in shaping my digital marketing career but more on that on my blog section.

I built KhalidFarhan.com because I want you to see who you are buying services from. I care for your internet marketing success just as I care for mine and it will always be a win-win for me if I can help you achieve a goal. I don’t like hiding behind a fancy name and I have seen quite a lot of those when I was growing up as an Internet marketer.

You can find my social profiles from the footer of this blog. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or somewhere else. The YouTube channel is in Bengali so that won’t help you if you don’t know the language. Other than that specific one, I am all yours…

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