This is Me

What do I do for living? I get that question a lot –

The answer used to be very easy back in 2012. I was doing my Bachelor in Business Administration – with a marketing major – and I was also working as a freelance writer getting paid $1 for every 500 words I wrote.

As the years went by, things got more complicated.

I started my agency!

I started my YouTube channel & FB page!

I moved to Ireland and did my MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy.

I started doing consultancy gigs.

I became more active as a course instructor.

I started investing in different projects!

The list goes on…

Now – when someone asks me that very question – I often wonder myself – what do I do for living? Its not one thing anymore! However, I will still summarize my work for you.

I am a marketer & entrepreneur at the core of it. I enjoy building businesses & marketing as a whole. The best joy of life is when one of your retargeting sequences work – and I have had that joy plenty of times.

Officially speaking though – this is where I am earning majority of my income these days:

  • Agency Work: My two agencies do fairly well – though we only have been offering SEO as a service till 2021 and have just started offering paid ads as a service as well. We have roughly 130 clients both agencies combined – paying anywhere from 100 USD to 3000 USD/month for our services. Both agencies make roughly around 600-1m/annum in USD.


  • Freelance & Consultation Gigs: I haven’t been active in the freelance / consultation world for a while but that changed since early 2021. I am now getting involved in more and more projects – and these roughly make anywhere from 2-5k/month in USD.


  • Content Creation: I have a solid YouTube & FB presence now with a combined follower /subscriber count of nearly a million. I have been fortunate to have sponsors like Notion on my videos. YouTube + Facebook makes roughly around 2000-3000 USD/month from ad revenue depending on a few factors like number of videos uploaded etc. And sponsors in general pay around 1000 USD on average for every video.


  • Course: I uploaded my first course on Udemy back in 2017 but since then, I have stopped selling English courses and only focused on selling course in my native language (Bangla). The course makes roughly around 100,000 – 200,000 USD on a good year.


  • Investments:  I am not a pro investor so don’t take investment advice from me. I have recently started investing to beat the inflation. My investments mostly revolve around Blue chip stocks, safe cryptos & ETFs. I invested around 90,000 USD in 2021 across all these.


  • Alternate Investments:  Again, I am no Warren Buffet so don’t do what I do (do it at your own risk) – I have recently started investing in companies as well – one of the first big ones would be creating a pet accommodation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am also actively looking for more companies to invest in.


Personal Life & Education

I always thought people wouldn’t really care about my personal life or education – but it seems like they do. I was born on Jan 27th, 1993 in Bangladesh. I finished my graduation from North South University – in 2017 and finished my MSc from Trinity College Dublin back in 2018.

I now live in Dublin, Ireland.

That’s really it.

It’s a simple life at the end of the day.